Review: "The Vampire Diaries" – Season 7, Episode 4

Name: The Vampire Diaries
Season: 7
Episode: 4,  “I Will Carry Your Heart With ME”
Release date: October 22, 2015
Directed by: Jeffrey Hunt
Written by: Neil Reynolds

I quite liked this episode, because after 45 minutes of TVD, I was looking at my clock surprised that the 45 minutes had already past. It felt like 20 minutes. Even though this episode isn’t very “exciting”, it does feature some classical scary TVD moments. I loved the fact that this episode was about Halloween, which is a theme that has been a “thing” since Stefan killed Vicky in season 1 (SPOILER ALERT HAHA).

This episode featured Damon at his most vulnerable: looking for Elena. His mom has her body hidden somewhere. In exchange for Oskar, Damon would get back Elena. Funny thing is that Valery has killed Oskar because she doesn’t want anybody to find out about something and Oskar knows all about it. Not the best episode for Oskar, but all the same a good episode for our favorite witch Bonnie, who manages the resurrect a vampire (yeey Oskar) and Alaric’s almost-wife. Bonnie has showed some kick-ass magic, which is explained quite vaguely which I thought was a pity.

All the while Damon is exchanging and not-exchanging body’s, Caroline and Stefan try to find a way to not have Caroline’s skin hut and kill him. It works, in the end, which I think is quite amazing. I’ve grown to like the two of them together.

This episode features, of course, a classic horror scene. Oskar resurrects from the death, thanks to Bonnie, and has an explainable hunger for blood. Even more then normal people. So he goes on a killing spree. In the woods, there’s this bus with noisy teenagers, looking for ghosts in Mystical Falls. They don’t really find ghosts, but they do manage to find a vampire. Well… the vampire finds them and kills them off in the blodiest way you’ve ever seen.

What I do want to notice is that last episode, the last scene was all about Stefan’s long lost kid. Yet in this episode, there’s NOTHING said about that mysterious kid of his’. Well, I guess they’ll reveal it to us a.s.a.p.


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