Dutch Book Chick is a concept designed by Nanouk Meijer. The website features mostly books, but also movies and series. The information is aimed for people from the age of 12 up until 25 yet anybody who loves YA-ish media is welcome of course. We all do this in our free time and earn NO money. Anything we get from ads, we use for travel expanses or keeping up this website. We cannot provide our readers of free copies, e-arcs or anything alike. Some of the pictures on this website are our own. If not, the rights of the picture belong to the rightful owner. The content is all written by the team members. If not, we link back to the page that features the original written text and of course mention the rightful owner.

If you’d like to use content of Dutch Book Chick, please contact us. Send us an e-mail with the URL to the used content. We will probably always approve, as long as you include¬†a link back to our website in the post you made.

If you have a question about our content, if you are an author, if you have any recommendations, if you want to advertise at Dutch Book Chick or anything else, please contact us at info@dutchbookchick.com

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