Netflix and Binge

Netflix and Binge is DBC’s idea of introducing you to your next obsession. Because, honestly, nobody wants to wait a whole week for the next episode to be aired. Every month one of our teammembers will introduce you to her fav binge-worthy series on Netflix. A top three that will hopefully inspire you to binge-watch another series. Yes, we support binge-watching. Just don’t forget to get out of you house every now and then. Like, between two seasons or something. How does the rating system work?

How many episode are there to watch? How many seasons are there to watch? How many hours will it take for you to finish the whole series? That’s what this qualification is all about.
This depends on how much you want to continue watching at 3 am when you actually really have stuff to do in the real world. How good are the cliffhangers? How long can you keep watching this series without going completely crazy (or get totally bored). The longer you can keep watching, the higher the “Addictive” rate.
How good is this series anyways? Are people positive about it? Would you recommend this to a friend?

List of “Netflix and Binge”

  1. Netflix and Binge #1 – Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries and Revolution (by Nanouk)
  2. Netflix and Binge #2 – House of Cards, Daredevil and Family Guy (by Frederique)
  3. Netflix and Binge #3 – Jessica Jones, Arrow and The Walking Dead (by Rebecca)
  4. Netflix and Binge #4 – Suits, Orphan Black and Modern Family (by Judith)

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