Top 10 #feels!

Feels! We’ve all had ‘em , we’ve all suffered. Either if you’re watching a TV show, a movie, or reading a book, everyone knows about the feels.  I thought I’d make sure you all know that we understand the feels by making a top 10 list with what we think are the worst feels to have.

  1. Waiting for a show to return; sometimes, it takes months or even a year. Seriously, how do we survive this?!tumblr_monte25WNL1s7n30go1_500
  2. When your favorite character gets killed off; HOW CAN THEY DO THIS?! There are rules, here! This is unfair!tumblr_ng3m0gLA1x1tlfmaio1_500
  3. When your least favorite character is the main; come on. Seriously?! Such a good story? but this character…?tumblr_inline_nfiab7bptn1s6y4l2
  4. When your main ship crashed… We all have this ship, and it’s just painful to watch. tumblr_nmv44lFLYU1qg7bigo1_400
  5. When a (nearly) canon ship just won’t start kissing! TORTURE! You just wanna push them towards eachother! attachment
  6. When the movie is way too inaccurate compared to the book. No words needed. It’s just wrong. tumblr_inline_nfexuxpvoy1r3mxc5
  7. When you have to wait WAY TOO LONG for the next book and you wished you had read slower….81920142059122
  8. When no one close to you relates to your feels but you rant anyways and they just go;tumblr_inline_nff3cgCtzN1r3mxc5
  9. When your bae has a near-death experience and you just feel their pain.attachment
  10. When you think you know what’s about to happen but the writers decide to prove you wrong; tumblr_inline_nkc6gjjdFX1rzvzsn

There it is, guys. We understand your feels and I hope you feel better knowing that there are others with the same struggles. If you ever want to share your feels, feel free to go to our forum and express all the feels you’ve got!

Rebecca van der Elst

Rebecca is reviewer at the website, specialized in films. Rebecca is in love with any movie that features either cute animated characters or strong sexy heroes/heroïnes. You will always laugh with this girl.

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