Review: "The Vampire Diaries" – Season 7, Episode 1

: The Vampire Diaries
Season: 7
Episode: 1,  “Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give…”
Release date: October 08, 2015
Directed by: Pascal Verschooris
Written by: Caroline Dries

FINALLY! The Vampire Diares started again! Welcome back blood sucking, eye lash batting, heart ripping and sexy looking vampires of Mystic Falls! We’ve missed you so much over the summer. And lord, what happened back than cannot be summarized. But I’ll try. So what happened is that Alaric’s soon to be/newbie wive gets killed by her evil brother and Elena gets into a coma caused by the evil brother I just mentioned meaning she can’t be alive while Bonnie is alive. So who’s alive and who’s not? Apparently mother Salvatore and her creepy fake family are alive again. Bonnie is still alive, Caroline is okay (her mother not so much) and after all that happened our favorite human Matt still lives, too. Damn that guy has nine lives. Lucky him. Okay, continuing. Elena is in a coma and where Jeremy is at… don’t know! Alaric is alive too, but is not in a very happy place. Damon joins his “grumpy” squad and they ‘look after’ each other while Bonnie looks after THEM. Did we forget somebody? Oh, yes, cutie potato Stefan. He’s alive and in love.


So, that was last season summarized *wink wink*.

So this season starts off with a flash forward, which is very weird. Damon is in a coffin and Stefan is getting him out. All of the sudden we get back to Mystic Falls, where Caroline is writing her diary after everything that has happened, wanting Elena to miss nothing when she wakes up. In the mean time we find out that Damon and Alaric ditched life and went on a drinking spree in Amsterdam, while Bonnie tries to keep them sane and alive. Nice try Bonnie but Alaric takes off alone and Damon almost lets Bonnie die which makes an interesting situation. Spoiler alert: Alaric wants to bring back his wife from the death. Impossible? Nope. This is The Vampire Diaries. Nothing is impossible.

So while they are off partying in Amsterdam, Stefan tries to kill his mother’s  fake family, but fails. So the fake family wants to kill him, Caroline, Matt and all of Mystic Falls. Luckily mother Salvatore doesn’t see a future in that plan and tries to keep them in line a which she kinda fails. To keep the peace, Stefan decides to get the town safe, evacuates all inhabitants by telling them about a leak, and gives his house to his mother and her vamp/witch family.

Incredibly difficult to understand but also very interesting. Honestly, I wasn’t wondering where Elena was, at all. I didn’t really miss her, though I liked the fact that they mentioned her a few times, instead of ignoring her. So that’s good. Also, I think the story line between Caroline and Stefan is very interesting, and developing, even though I’ve been a Stelena shipper for year. But I guess that ship has sailed. As for Bonnie, I feel sorry for her. Damon is kinda blaming her for Elena being in a coma, but is was heartwarming to see him realizing that, in fact, Bonnie IS his only friend. So killing her would maybe get Elena back, but she’d never forgive him and he’d loose his best friend.

Damon is still hilarious and after all Alaric is still awesome yet mysterious.


I’m very much looking forward to the next episode. I hope to see more of the creepy vampwitches that Stefan’s mother calls her family, though I’m afraid something will go wrong in the near future. I love that Stefan FINALLY admitted to Caroline he loves her. I was so afraid I wouldn’t like TVD anymore without Elena, but I found myself liking it the same way I did when Elena was there.

What did you think about this Season’s premiere? Are you looking forward to episode 2? Let me know!


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