Shadowhunters cast reveal #3

It’s been a few exciting few weeks for us Shadowhunters fans! Not only did they reveal Clary, they introduced us to almost all of the other main characters as well!

Let’s start with Clary as she is our leading lady. Katherine McNamara Will be taking on the role of Clary. Initially I was worried about her look, but now that the originally blonde has died her hair the Clary shade of red I have no doubt that Katherine will be an amazing Clary. Fun fact: she will also be starring in the highly anticipated film Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials this summer.


After the reveal of Isabelle it is time for the announcement of her brother. Alec Lightwood will be portrayed by Matthew Daddario. Best known for his role in the 2013 film The Delivery Man. I do hope they give him bright blue contacts as that is one of my favourite things about Alec, other than that I have faith in Matthew as Alec.


Luke is up next! I am very excited about Isaiah Mustafa taking on Luke. He has featured in a number of big TV-shows as a guest star so I am glad that he has finally gotten his own time to shine. But to me he will always be the Old Spice guy. Let’s hope that in the future we will all remember him as Luke Garroway.


On to the exciting casting of our bad guy. Valentine has a face, and that face is Alan Van Sprang. I cannot tell you how happy I am with this casting. He looks like how I imagined Valentine when I first read the books all those years ago. You may know him from the CW TV-show Reign, or if you are a anglophile like me from the Tudors.


Last but not least Magnus Bane. Another very good casting if you ask me. None other than Glee’s Harry Shum Jr. will be taking on one of my favourite characters Magnus Bane. Again I cannot fathom how right the producers are with this casting. I just hope the ABC’s Magnus has an exhibitionist streak and he is shirtless in every scene 😉


So that’s it for now. I am personally super excited for this, let’s be honest, very attractive cast. But did we really expect anything else from ABC? Let me know what you think! Is Alan is evil enough for Valentine? What’s your opinion on Matthews eye colour? And what about Katherine as Clary?


Esther is reviewer at the website, specialized in series. She's also Nanouk's roommate and thus studies History at Utrecht University. Esther at least watches 3 episodes of any given series per day and is obsessed with GoT and Teen Wolf.

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