New series "Supergirl" announced! (Trailer)



Hello, hello!

This week was very exciting: lots of new series are confirmed by the big networks, including Supergirl! A spinoff series about the cousin of Superman, Kara Zor-El, who also made it to earth when her planet Krypton exploded. She tries to live a normal life with humans but when her powers are exposed she decides to do the right thing and become Supergirl. Melissa Benoist is cast as our new favourite heroine, who you may know from Glee or The Longest Ride and I think she will do a marvelous (No pun intended :P) job.

How very awesome! Superman is named a couple of times in the trailer you find down below, and everyone is hoping for a cross-over. But we all know DC isn’t really a fan of doing that with their series, but I’m still hoping!


Supergirl will air this upcoming November, let me know if you are looking forward to it! 🙂




Frederique Teillers

Frederique is reviewer, specialized in series. Studying Media & Culture in Amsterdam, she knows everything about series and now and then reads an English classic. Frederique might me the youngest member of the team, but she knows how to speak her mind.

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