Review: "The Vampire Diaries" – Season 7, Episode 2

captive-caroline-the-vampire-diaries_convertedName: The Vampire Diaries
Season: 7
Episode: 2,  “Never Let Me Go”
Release date: October 15, 2015
Directed by: Chris Grismer
Written by: Brian Young

Wow, this episode was just too confusing. It starts off with Caroline in the freaking future, or is it just that the rest of the episode is in the past? Anyways, she’s  working in a tv studio and is the boss I guess. This guy of the studio is telling her that her fiancee has been calling her and she’s ditching him it seems. And then all of the sudden we see Stefan walking around the borders of Mystic Falls and he’s calling Caroline but she’s not picking up. Then his mom is there, mad at Stefan that Damon has killed somebody of her ‘family’. They took Caroline in revenge. BLINK. WAIT. This is the past? Or present? And the tv studies is the future. Yes, six months later actually. So in the present she’s still with Stefan (or together-ish). And in the future she’s engaged. But is she engaged to Stefan. NO. In the end scene we see the same guy telling her that Stefan’s been calling her too and then all of the sudden there’s something about Mystic Falls which she’s afraid to go back too and honestly, guys, I didn’t have a clue about anything that was happening during this episode. It was all very confusing when we were in the future or the past or whether Caroline is marrying Stefan or somebody else. Anyways, the guys gets shot and so does Caroline (she’s shot by a stake but not dead I think). That’s the end. But there’s more in between. I’m just ranting about this because it was soooo confusing. So if somebody could explain this to me, that’d be great!


Also, Bonnie is doing her magic. To get Caroline back from mother Salvatore, they have to kill the owner of the Salvatore house. Turns out, mother Salvatore made Matt the owner (he was compelled to be owner and forget). It was protection against the Salvatore brothers. BUT they’re not stupid. All Bonnie has to do is stop Matt’s heart and all will be fine again. GOD. How many times have we seen this happening. Unfortunately, Bonnie gets struck by some kind of vision caused by a stone that Alarick wants to use to bring back his dead girlfriend. Confusing? YES. Exciting? HELL YES. Luckily, our favorite human is revived after having been dead for six minutes and Stefan tries to save Caroline. Weird enough it doesn’t work since the seal gets back up and Stefan is pulled out off the house when he isn’t invited in. WHY? Well, the cleaning lady in the Salvatore house is now the owner, not almost-dead-Matt.

God, give me a second to breath. So much happened during this episode. And I haven’t even talked about Alarick trying to steal a stone and bringing back somebody dead. Well, almost back. Once the stone is removed from the body, the guy’s dead again.


This episode was by far the most confusing episode of TVD I’ve ever seen and I hope that the next episode will clarify some things. I do believe this episode had a lot of good things in it…

OH DAMN. Let me just spoil the ending! MOMMY Salvatore steals Elena’s body! Damon is FURIOUS and I’m afraid he’ll do something stupid the next episode. Elena’s not even on this season, yet her body has a big role. I’m curious to the next episode and I can’t wait to see what next week’s episode will bring!


What are your thoughts on this episode?


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