Review: "Grey's Anatomy" – Season 12, episode 4

Name: Grey’s Anatomy
Season: 12
Episode: 4, “Old Time Rock and Roll”
Release date: October 15, 2015
Directed by: Nicole Rubio
Written by: Austin Guzman

Hookups! Silver floods! Friendships and plot-twists… All things important in episode 4 of the 12th season of Grey’s Anatomy… Let’s look back!We start off with Maggie – who we saw at the bar, having a drink with what seems to be one of the main interns of this season  in the previous episode. Do we like this intern? His name is Andrew DeLuca, he asked Arizona if he can live with her and he seems to have an eye on Maggie. Even better: he woke up in Meredith’s house, in Maggie’s bed. Maggie obviously doesn’t like it. She spends the entire episode avoiding him. Seriously, I like this! It’s kindof a repeated storyline (as mentioned in the show when Maggie asks Meredith “Who screws an intern?!” to which Meredith answers “the father of my children”) but I like how fresh this is. With Maggie being a whole different character, this could turn out very different than what we saw with Meredith and Derek.

One of the other things in this episode that I really loved; Arizona bonding with one of the victims of the Silver Flood. She listens to his story, she feels a sense of hope again. He made her realize that there is so much time left to find true love. This was so adorable, my world came crashing down after he passed and Arizona started crying. Even if this broke my heart, we see something else. We get to see some more Arizona/April friendship! Arizona tells her about the old man and April starts crying too, about Jackson. I looooove this friendship! One of my favorites in the show right now, which reminds me of another friendship I need to discuss: Jo and Stephanie.

Greys-Anatomy-2015-Recap-Episode-4-Old-Time-Rock-RollAlex invites Jo to be his +1 at the dinner party at Meredith’s house. Stephanie is jealous, while Jo doesn’t feel like going at all. Stephanie is under Amelia’s service in this episode. She needs to get a patient out of the bed as soon as possible, just after surgery. This confronts Stephanie about her past as a patient and can’t handle this task. Stephanie tells Jo she can do it for her, Amelia sees that Stephanie is not doing it. Stephanie tells Amelia about her past and Jo tells Amelia she’s lying (I hated Jo a little bit at this point). After comfirming that Stephanie is telling the truth, Amelia finds Stephanie doing the task anyway. When Stephanie is done, she walks out of the room to see Amelia waiting for her. They then hug, which I think is a beautiful moment, considering they’ve worked together alot and Stephanie really needed this hug. I’m very glad they did this.

Throughout the episode, we see Owen giving the interns a crash course in breaking bad news. When Meredith finds out, she insists on giving a speech to make clear that this is more than just telling them something. She opens up about what they make the others feel, that they’re telling the worst news that they are ever going to get. She uses general pronouns but it’s pretty obvious she’s talking about her own experience. This was so well done that I couldn’t help but watch this bit 3 times. Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith, made it seem so real that I simply believed every word she said as if she really did experience this (even though she is happily married in real life).

Dinner party! At the end of the episode, we have some department-heads and Jo and Stephanie at Meredith’s house for a dinner party. When Callie rings the doorbell, hand in hand with her new girlfriend Penny, Meredith opens. She smiles at first but that smile soon fades when she realizes who Callie’s new girlfriend is. That’s right, your heart getsd broken all over again. Penny is the doctor that failed to keep Derek alive. MAJOR DRAMA! This will continue in the next episode. I am kind of angry at the writers for doing this, considering Meredith just admitted that she’s happy like this. Now, with Penny among them, she will be reminded of the sloppy job they did in effort to keep Derek alive. Hasn’t she been through enough?! I’m curious to see how Meredith will deal with this and can’t wait for next Thursday.

Rebecca van der Elst

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