Review: "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green

9780525478812_custom-7eb6cc16a8a3f2266865895e1718ac9e9d6232e0-s6-c30Author: John Green
Genre: Young Adult
Publication: Penguin Books (Dutton Books)
Release Date: January 1st 2012
Pages: 313
Spoilers: I’m so sorry but yes, there will be spoilers. I’m having a lot of trouble writing reviews without spoilers when I’m all emotional. So get ready for my roller coaster of tears and laughs that you all might have experienced.

I am going to try to review tfios, because I feel like it deserves a proper review. I was so discouraged to write a review, because this book means a lot to a lot of people and I don’t want to say anything that might ruin the book for you. But I also didn’t wanted to make a very stiff story about a book so beautifully written. I decided to don’t give a shit about whether you will like my review or not, because it is MY review with MY opinion.


I openend the book after trying to get comfortable in my bed for about 10 minutes. When I finally was ready, I started reading the first few pages and was mesmerized immediately. I got used to Green’s writing so fast, I just couldn’t believe I’d never read one of his books before. It was uncomplicated, funny and honest. The story starts with Hazel telling us about how her mother thinks she’s depressed because of all kinds of different reasons, while she just don’t want to hurt anybody because she is a grenade that is going to blow up everyone when the time is there. *inhales* Hazel really is an amazing character, because she cares so much about everybody around her. It’s clear she doesn’t give a crap about what others think of her, and it’s also clear that Hazel would do absolutely anything to make her family (and her small group of friends) happy. Green varied this aspect by sarcastic comments and honest tears.

Hazel – also known as Hazel Grace – has cancer. She was diagnosed when she was thirteen. But that’s not her REAL story, according to ‘hot-and-good-looking’ Augustus Waters, whom she meets in the Literal Heart Of Jesus, a.k.a. the church. Both teens are going to the support group. Hazel because she still has cancer and her lungs are filling up with water, Augustus because he’s coming with his friend Isaac. But also because he HAD cancer, but is better now. Augustus is the kinda character you can’t help but fall in love with the moment you get introduced to him. He has this thing, a thing I can’t understand or describe, that makes me want to jump into the book and hug/kiss/etc him right away.

But I can’t. He’s fictional.

Hazel Grace and Augustus become friends, even though Hazel does anything in her power to prevent them from being friends. Augustus, who fears oblivion, explains to her that while she is trying to push him away he only falls in love with her more. Really, Augustus, how the heck did you become so damn perfect?

Unfortunately, Hazel’s lungs filled up with water so much, she has to go to the hospital and stays there, unconsciousness for about a week. Augustus stays with her. Eventually, Hazel gets better and Augustus and her become even better friends. Augustus tells Hazel he wants to take her to Amsterdam, after writing a letter to Hazel’s favorite author. Hazel says yes, the doctors say no. But than the doctors say yes and Augustus says yes and Peter (the author) says yes. So everything is okay. Okay? Okay.

Even though I had shed some tears until that moment, I never imagined reading the Amstersdam part was so hard. I’m from the Netherlands, so I know Amsterdam by heart, but this was just too much. Dear John Green, why? WHY? He describes Amsterdam so accurate that I actually imagined myself being there with Hazel and Augustus. The description of the place is – of course – romanticized. But nevertheless beautiful.

From the moment they are in Amsterdam and Augustus tells Hazel about his cancer having returned, I just cried continuously. How the f*** could there be such a big fault in their stars. Like: literally. I’m not even kidding. It’s just not fair. It’s not okay. I’m not okay. We are not okay with this. Augustus, come back here. This is not okay, you hear me? WHAT IS LIFE?

The end killed me in every possible way. Seriously. I drowned in my own tears. I can’t believe how a 30+ man can write such an amazing and emotional story from the POV of a sixteen year old girl. Like: HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I gotta say, it’s been a while I’ve read a book that touched me this deep. I can still feel the pain, and thinking about it almost wants to make me tear up.

The thing I loved the most about this book, was that both of their lives were shitty, but they didn’t got stuck in that state of mind. They both hadn’t even had a real life, they both had so much to give and deserved to love each other so much longer. You know this book is about cancer. But it’s not. Cancer is more of an side-effect. Dying is more of an side-effect. Their lives are defined by love, not by cancer. And I think that that’s the strong aspect of the book: you’ll believe ANYTHING that’s in the book. John could write about a blue polar bear with three eyes and I’d still be like: oh really? He’s a real artist. He’s the man who knows how to write GOOD books.

Honestly, I’ve never quite read an exceptional book as tfios. It has everything you could ever ask for and more. The book changed my way of looking at things. This book actually kinda changed my life, because now I now how lucky I am for being healthy as I am. I am not missing a limb (Augustus), I have no drowning lungs (Hazel) and I sure as hell have two working eyes (Isaac).

I believe that this book should be obligatory in schools because it has everything any teen (or adult) could ever ask for. I wanted to rant about the ending, but there’s actually nothing to rant about. Book’s closed, Augustus is gone. Life goes on, as if nothing has changed. So please, go to your local bookstore and buy this masterpiece. Go, I’m not kidding. This book lived up to all of my expectations. Honestly, yes.

Over all, the book was fast paced, slowed down at the right moments, and was full of humor. The humor contrasted the sadness and anger inside Hazel but also Augustus. The chosen words are exceptionally good and I feel as if I just finished the Olympic Games even though I only told you guys about my feelings towards tfios. The character development is perfection, really. The book has twists and turns, laughs and tears, that will keep everybody breathless and heartbroken forever.

The Fault in Our Stars is a one of a kind thing and nobody will ever conquer this kind of love for a book. John Green is a hero that should be praised more.




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