Laughs and tears: I just finished "The Fault in our Stars"

Even though I will be reviewing this book later on this weekend, this isn’t a review yet. But YES I will write one, I just need to let go of my emotions and feelings and ksjaflksa. I will do that in a new way I’ve never done before, so I hope you guys will enjoy it. Warning: this post will contain spoilers.

Dear John Green,

I know I might have spotted this book later than the other YA book lovers, but 2 months ago, I finally bought The Fault In Out Stars. With its bright blue cover, I putted it on my bookshelf. I half expected myself to skip school and read the book forever, but I didn’t. It was a wise decision, because being in your senior year, isn’t always that easy. Whilst I was studying French and Biology, more and more people read tfios. I got more excited and needed to read tfios asap. All of my friends were enthusiastic and told me to read the book RIGHT AWAY. But I didn’t. Honestly, I was afraid of reading it. After everybody telling me how amazing the book was (and is), I just got my hopes up so high, I was afraid I’d be disappointed. Nevertheless, I started reading it four days ago, after my test week. Finally I felt ready to read it.

Without any pressure from my friends or school, I finally found the courage to open the book and start reading. I am telling you; the book lived up to every expectation and beyond. And right now, 2 hours after midnight, I am crying like a little baby, alone in my room in my bed and I can’t help but saying to myself “Okay. Okay. Okay”. I need a hug. I need more than one hug. I need a ton of hugs right now because this book just shredded my heart. I feel broken, really. This book did something to me, no other book has ever done to me before. I feel as if I lost a friend myself. I feel as if I don’t deserve to live, whilst Augustus (sobbing, again) has passed away. THAT IS JUST CRUEL. THAT IS THE FAULT IN THEIR STARS.

Bless you, mister Green. You are a genius and I hope you will continue writing forever.

Yours truly,


I’m not going to review the book yet, I just had to let go of some of my thoughts. I will try to put up a decent review these upcoming days, though I am not sure whether or not I will be able to do that. [I’m still not ready to review Allegiant either so yep, I can take up to 6 moths]. Nah, kidding. I promise I will review The Fault In Our Stars within a week and I am pleased to inform you that I will also be reviewing the sequel to “The Iron Fey”. I promised to do that too. So you’ll be seeing a review of “The Iron Daughter” (The Iron Fey #2) this weekend too! 🙂

Also, I will start reading “13 Reasons Why” by Jay Asher.

I hope you guys will be enjoying reading tfios as much as I did and I really really really hope I didn’t spoil the book.



p.s.I And I am still sobbing.

p.s.II No I do not believe that Augustus is really gone. I REJECT THAT.


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