Review: "Into The Still Blue" (Under The Never Sky #3) by Veronica Rossi

14288998Author: Veronica Rossi
Genre: Young Adult/Sci-fi
Publication: Harper
Release Date: January 28th 2014
Pages: 392
Spoilers: No, no. Nothing that will spoil the outcome of the book because I would hate myself for doing such a thing. (Only read this if you have read the first two books in the series too).

So, I know I promised to review The Great Gatsby, but I totally forgot that I needed to review this book first. I finished it just before I went to Greece, so when I came back I totally forgot I hadn’t put a review online yet. So here it is!
I was sooo excited to read this book, because in my opinion, Through The Ever Night was even better than Under The Never Sky which is rare. Usually the second book in a series is worse than the first book. Or less good, depends on how you look at it. Any ways, I thought that the finally of the series would definitely blow my mind. I guess I had some skyhigh expectations, afraid to be disappointed.

But I wasn’t. Not. At. All.

So, Dwellers and Outsiders in one cave? Sounds like one problem. And yes it was. From the beginning of the book, the differences between those two ‘kinds’ of people were pointed out, Aria trying really hard to make them live together. Since the first two book already told us that Dwellers and Outsiders don’t really get along, this book only proved that point. Within minutes of reading, it became clear that Aria maybe was a bit optimistic about the whole situation.

And than we have Roar and Perry. Yep, kind of a problem there. They have been friends since forever, but since Aria came a long and Liv died, Roar and Perry don’t really get a long anymore. But since the stakes are high, and they need to find the Still Blue, they try their best to work together.

One thing that really made the book lighter, was Soren. Even though I hated him so much in the first book, and didn’t especially like him in the second book, he really grew on my in Into The Still Blue. Somehow he managed to get me to like him. He, Roar and Perry made a funny ‘team’. They made me laugh, even in situations that weren’t very funny.

I was sucked into the book until the very end and I think this book really did justice to the whole series. While Roar really changed since Liv died, he wasn’t really a likable character anymore. But with Soren it was the other way around. I guess Aria and Perry changed to. Especially the bond between Cinder and Perry changed. He’s the key to the Still Blue. And Perry is desperate to find Cinder and save him from the dangerous Sable and Hess.

So, in my opinion: couldn’t be better. I was a bit surprised by the ending though, because to me it felt like there were to climaxes. Which is odd, but it came natural to the story line. There needed to be two climaxes. But since I promised not to spoil anything, I will just recommend you to read Into The Still Blue and join Aria and the other to their search of the Still Blue, while saving all their loved ones.

Exciting, heartbreaking and funny, this book has everything I could have ever wished for!

Veronica Rossi, thanks for this awesome series!


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