Review: "Through The Ever Night" (Under The Never Sky #2) by Veronica Rossi

EverNight_final compAuthor: Veronica Rossi
Genre: Young Adult/Sci-fi
Publication: Harper
Release Date: January 8th 2013
Pages: 341
Spoilers: Not so much, unless you haven’t read Under The Never Sky yet. Then you shouldn’t be reading this.

No introduction needed, though I DO need to apologize for this belated review. My finals are finally over and I’m happy to say that I have a positive feeling of having passed most of them (except for maths, but that’s not an issue). So without further introduction, here’s the review!

It’s been months after Aria found out her mother died. Aria and Perry finally get the change to be together at the Tides… at least, that is what they hope. Unfortunately, Aria is not very welcomed by Perry’s tribe. And Perry tries to hide their relationship (yes, they have one, I’m so happy). It’s as if Perry’s tribe acts like the Aether storms: chaos-like. They don’t need Aria, they don’t like Perry for having brought Aria and they sure ass hell don’t think Perry is a good Blood Lord. (Huh, oh, yeah, that happened).

Meanwhile, the Aether storms are getting worse and the whole world is looking for the Still Blue. Is it real? I hoped really hard for them. I kinda ‘knew’ it excised, because, well, if not, the book would’ve been kinda pointless and the third and last book in the series wouldn’t have been called “Into The Still Blue”. See my point? So, the Still Blue. How to get there? How to get Talon back? How to save Perry’s tribe since half of them suddenly just leaves, out of the blue (out of the Still Blue, lol). So many question, not so many answers.

And then, after a lot of chaos, tribe members leaving and Perry feeling hurt, Aria en Roar decide it’s a good idea to leave Perry too without telling him. Ouch. That must have hurt. And it did. Perry developed very much during Aria’s absence. Aria en Roar got closer, which troubled me at first, but after a while, it didn’t. Roar needed to find Liv, Perry’s sister. Who is, apparently, at the Horns tribe in Rim. Holy guacamole,  their Blood Lord ought to know the location of the Still Blue. Two friends on a mission, one goal.

I was so afraid I wouldn’t love Through The Ever Night as much as I loved Under The Never Sky, but that’s a fear that never came true. I loved it even more. That’s extraordinary, because in my opinion the second book of a series is never really good. It’s called the Second Book Syndrome and is very real. I assure you, Through The Ever Night doesn’t have that syndrome. Not. At All.

I started to like Aria more, finally. I never really did, because her feelings were so dramatic. Looking back, that’s a normal reaction because, well, everything she knew about life changed with the snap of Hess’ finger. Who’s having a significant role in the second book too, just as his son Soren (whom I swore to hate forever).

And Cinder! God he’s complicated. I think about him as my little brother who needs to be hugged, but I also think about him as a dangerous creature who’s no control over his powers. *thinking* He’s too cute though. Too cute to be considered dangerous.

Through The Ever Night is exciting, funny and fast paced. As a reader, you are sucked into the world of tribes, Pods and Aether storms that will haunt you forever. It is new, refreshing and not so much about love but about more. This book offered even more than the first book, because the characters are more complicated and more interesting. Thumbs up for this awesome sequel to Under The Never Sky!


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