Review: “Grey’s Anatomy” – Season 12, episode 8

Name: Grey’s Anatomy
Season: 12
Episode: 8, “Things We Lost in the Fire”
Release date: November 20, 2015
Directed by: Rob Corn
Written by: Tia Napolitano

Winter finale! We are officially on a break, boohoo… Well, at least they didn’t leave us with nothing! Let’s look back on what happened in this last episode before it returns in February 2016.

Starting with Jolex, they brought the drama. While Alex is talking to Meredith in the hallways, Jo finally has a moment to talk to Alex. When she gets there, though, Meredith tells her to go away. Well, it was more like yelling… I agree with Jo when I tell her that it seems like she is not Alex’s first priority, especially when he tells her that she was the only one he could count on. Then later, at the end of the episode, Jo decides to stand up for herself and guess what?! He proposes to her while she is about to leave him. Come on, Jo. Don’t fall for it! I know Alexs has been here since day one and I should probably be rooting for him but I just can’t think of how much of an a-hole he is right now.

Let’s move on to the happenings in the hospital. There was a fire, and it was brutal. While Arizona treated someones butt, she also flirted with her. She asked Richard for help and she eventually asked her out. Unfortunately, she didn’t fly. She crashed. I’m still hoping that Calzona can get together, somehow.

Then we have April and Jackson, which I am still not quite sure what to think of. If you’re hoping they will get back together, you might get happy once the show returns. Even though April avoids Jackson because the sex is what she wants to remember if it’s really over, Jackson seems to be considering fighting for their marriage. That’s right, he asked Callie about the marriage councelling she tried with Arizona. Remember that? Yeah, it wasn’t successful, but no two couples are the same, right?!

What’s happening with Owen, you ask? Well, he’s not happy. With this new doctor in the hospital, who he strongly disapproves, and him trating Owen’s mom’s boyfriend, he can’t do much but to sit back and to talk to Meredith about it. Which Amelia dislikes, considering she wants to know what’s going on with Owen as well. After Meredith made it clear that she doesn’t see Amelia as her sister, she steps back. Owen tells Meredith what’s going on and why he doesn’t want the new guy (Riggs) near his family. We don’t get the full story on this, but Riggs eventually screams something about being his brother. Not a biological brother though. He used to date Owen’s sister… Which brings up only more drama we need to know?! Why has owen never mentioned a sister?! What happened that got Owen so mad at Riggs!? Guess we’ll have to wait until February next year to find out…

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