Review: Episode 3 – "Grey's Anatomy" (SPOILERS)

The title for this episode is “I Choose You”. We have had enough time to think about what this title would mean but I think it obviously refers to Karev and his patients and Karev and Izzie/Jo, but we’ll get to that later! Lets go through the happenings of this episode!

The sisters carpool together (I love these scenes, they’re hilarious to be honest!) and Meredith goes through her contract in the car. She gives it to Maggie, who makes ‘a face’. When Meredith asks what the face is for, Maggie denies making a face. Curious about the face, Meredith asks Callie to look at the contract who then tells Meredith she doesn’t earn enough (compared to her). Unsure of what to do, she continues to ask others about what they make. I love how Meredith doesn’t care about being rude when asking for money, she knows she deserves more.

Jo seems to have found something out. It seems as if she’s pregnant. Seriously?! Nope, not seriously. She found a piece of paper that had something to do with Izzie and Alex and babies, but they never got to the “having a baby” part. Before Alex tells her all this, Jo first tries to find out what this is about by asking Alex if he ever wants to have kids, which stresses Alex out a little because he has patients to take care of and doesn’t want to think about this yet. Logical, rational Karev!

These patients Alex has to take care of, amazing storyline. Alex shows a lot of responsibility — wer’re talking about the twins with the liver cancer. They need two livers for two babies but they only have one liver, so Alex has to decide which baby gets to live. I really loved how we got to see every step of the process Alex goes through to eventually decide which kid gets the liver. My heart broke a little when Alex gave up and said he’d let Bailey decide. When Arizona jumped in and reminded him why he has this responsibility, how proud she is, how much she believes in him, I felt warm and happy because this is 100% true and needed to be said. I loved this moment between them.

Japril: trouble all over. Jackson insists on April moving out, but April has made it clear that she will not leave, she will fight until they are back to where they were. I love how April keeps fighting for this relationship and I hate how pushy she is about it. Jackson obviously seems like he needs the space and he needs her to not go on about it everytime they are in a room together. After telling April several times to leave, Jackson eventually leaves himself and April is left in an empty house with an empty closet and an empty bed. I honestly hate all of this and I wish that they could be together. Although we still have Jolex, I needed a strong ship after Calzona broke up. Jolex just doesn’t satisfy me in that area.

In the end, we have Meredith walking into Bailey’s office, telling her she needs to feel as valued as Bailey made her believe she is. This was such a great moment! I’ve been waiting for Meredith to stand up for herself like this ever since the season 11 finale (I know, it’s been three episodes but come on!) and here we finally have it. Well done, Mer!

Personally, I thought this was a great episode. I would have loved to see more of Japril and them having an actual conversation, but so be it.

Rebecca van der Elst

Rebecca is reviewer at the website, specialized in films. Rebecca is in love with any movie that features either cute animated characters or strong sexy heroes/heroïnes. You will always laugh with this girl.

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