Shadowhunters update || epicness is coming

Wow there have been some major developments on the Shadowhunters series front!

I mean have you seen this trailer?

I know right? But that’s not even all. It’s like Christmas, check out this present they gave us:

I’m so so excited!! If you want to see more of these gems check out their facebook and if you want more of these videos I suggest you add them on snapchat: TVSHADOWHUNTERS.
And last but certainly not least: the official release date has been announced!
Clear the date, because Tuesday, January 12th the Shadowhunters will premier.
So just 270 more days until this epicness starts!

Let me know what you thought of the trailers and whether you’re just as excited as I am.


Esther is reviewer at the website, specialized in series. She's also Nanouk's roommate and thus studies History at Utrecht University. Esther at least watches 3 episodes of any given series per day and is obsessed with GoT and Teen Wolf.

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