Review: Episode 1 & 2 – "Grey's Anatomy" (SPOILERS)

Alright, after some devestating happenings in season 11 and before that, we have finally reached season 12! And according to Meredith, everything has changed. Lets look back on what happened in the first two episodes of season 12.

First of all, goodmorning to Amelia and Maggie living in Meredith’s house! Though this is, after all, three months after the season 11 finale, I expected it a little bit awkward. It actually didn’t seem awkward at all, they just don’t get along. To be honest, I liked this combination.
Then, at the hospital, we have a very determined Bailey who is fighting to get the title of chief of surgery, and she definitely deserves it! I loved her energy, we got to see some of the Bailey we know from season 1.
The patients in this episode gave me chills. We have Aliyah and Jessica, who are in love with eachother despite their parents’ disapproval. Callie, who is all in for gay rights, chooses to stand up to Jessica’s mother who is about to send her kid away to a camp to “pray the gay away”. Callie is so determined to prove her point that she is even yelling at the mom. You go, Torres! After all, it’s Maggie who punches the mom. Thanks, Maggie!
tumblr_nv7jiegbdS1sl9d05o1_250Now, Arizona trying to find a roommate after Callie and Arizona sold their house – oh how I wished they were still together. They were my all-time favorite ship and I still believe there is hope. But now back to the current status, I think Arizona living with a (male) intern could be interesting! Endless possibilities here. Shonda, please don’t disappoint.
Throughout the episode we learn about some of the characters’ past and how they were being bullied. I thought this was such an important part of the episode, especially Alex’ story at the end of the episode. He talks about how he got bullied for being fat, while earlier, Callie called him the bully. This really showed how situations can change.
I won’t get into details on the Omelia (Owen&Amelia) kiss, even though I’d love to hear what you guys think of the (possible) ship.
One more thing I feel like I need to discuss: Jackson being cold towards anything that has to do with April. Is Japril dying? Is there still a chance? I wanna know! I need at least one strong ship in this show?!

In the end, I really loved this episode. The heart-touching story of “Julia & Juliet” (how they called Jessica and Aliyah during the table read) really was a great season-opener and I adored the way the actors really made their characters come out to make it look so real.

The second episode has so much drama. There’s Omelia, Bailey being chief, Japril dying, and of course, the main patient of the episode.

Bailey as chief; exciting! Made for the job, right?! Well, all goes wrong as she puts too much pressure on her attendings as they have to figure out a plan to treat a giant woman who has a tumor in her brain and who does not want to be treated. It really got to me how you get to see both the attendings’ side and Bailey’s side of this because both are relatable, although I think the attendings are a little bit more intense on this one. The pressure that Bailey puts on them is so much, but Bailey doesn’t see it as too much. She sees it as a challenge.
As Bailey deals with the giant patient and her tumor, she gives all her own cases to Meredith, who now does not have her own cases anymore. Not only does she need to handle so many cases, Bailey is also ignoring Meredith as she seems to be too busy to listen to her updates. Meredith then stands up for herself and tells Bailey the truth. Go, Meredith! I loved her speech about these people being Bailey’s patients, how she deserves more than to be dismissed, which she does! Well done, Mer.
Now, about all the love, or lack thereof… Japril first. April returns to the hospital after a good night sleep and Arizona notices a rash on her back. April gets put in a bubble, where the (possible) infection is unable to spread. All okay, but how will she talk to Jackson?! Well, at first, she does’t. But then, she calls a 911 on him and he rushes to her, wondering if anything is wrong (aw, maybe Jackson still loves her after all?). He walks away once he sees that nothing seems to be wrong, it was a false alarm. Once April gets released from the bubble, she tells Jackson how she will fight for their marriage, as she believes it is something worth fighting for. I adored April’s speech, I love how determined she is. At the same time, I get why Jackson might be annoyed. Although he gave April an unfair choice to make (their marriage or war), I understand why it might be unfair of her to always go after what SHE wants. But hey, I love Japril so much, I’m on April’s side here.
tumblr_nvmcxzcZGr1rx2roro3_r4_250Calzona… what to do with Calzona… Callie told everyone about this new woman she met and how she is in love and happier than she has ever been, when Arizona is just standing behind her. This is totally unfair and I want them to be together. Man, I love them together. Arizona hears this, rants to Kepner about it and then tells Callie it is okay and that she can always tell her what’s going on. I don’t like this, I want them to see what this is… could it be made up? Shonda? Are you that cruel? Is Callie trying to make Arizona jealous? Does Callie want Arizona to fight for what the had, just like April will fight for what she and Jackson had? I sure hope so, actually. This might give them a chance. Or maybe, Callie did actually meet someone and when they actually get together, she realizes that this woman is not Arizona and that all she wants is Arizona. I would like that.

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