Welcome, October

Dear readers, time has to cuddle up on your couche, have some hot chocolate milk or tea and enjoy a good book. The weather is getting colder, days are getting shorter and, let’s be honest, our bed is more alluring than it’s ever been. And that’s okay, we at DBC know exacly how you feel! We’re a team of female young adults and have experience that “longing-for-warmth-and-company-of-a-good-book-or-movie-or-series” for about a thousand times. We want to welcome October though, we don’t want to scare this season away. October also features AMAZING new books and movies, and the colours of the leaves outside are to die for. Plus, the weather might just be the excuse you need to ditch anything social and just hide away inside.

What will October bring?


Michelle – movies
I think October is one of the greatest months of the year. I mean autumn is creeping around the corner which is great because rain, books and hot drinks, do I need to say more? Also all my favorite tv shows are starting again after waiting for so many months.  Another glorious think that is exciting about this month in particular is an amazing selection of books that are coming out. Personally I’m excited for the new Robert Galbraith, the new George R.R. Martin and especially (which is not a fiction read) Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge because she is an make up guru on YouTube and I absolutely love her. And last but not least, HALLOWEEN!!! As a big fan of the horror genre I absolutely love this.

Rebecca – movies
In October, I’ll be reading “The girl on the train” by Paula Hawkins, while I lay in bed trying to get warm as Summer is over. When I won’t be reading, I’ll try to catch up on as many shows as possible! I have How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, House, Private Practice, Supernatural and so many more shows ready to be watched. As Grey’s Anatomy is continuing in their 12th season, this will be my favorite of all. Not only do I have shows to watch, but October gives me great movies to see, as well. I’ll try to see The Walk, Te Martian, Pan and Hotel Transylvania this month. In short: October is gonna be busy!

Frederique – series
This October I am going to watch a lot of Arrow and the Flash! The 6th and 7th of this month both shows premiere, so I am going to rewatch the last episodes for sure. About what I am going to read, I think I will read Mockingjay written by Suzanne Collins again to prepare for the last movie coming out in November and a couple of Dutch classics for Dutch class, so a lot of things to do with a cup of tea while it’s cold outside. 🙂

Esther – series
Although I am super busy this month with deadlines, work and excursions I’ll have to fit in some reading/watching time to keep me sane. Especially now autumn has started I’ll have to get my sunshine out of a book instead of the sky. So what’s on my reading/watch list? First of all Me, Earl and the dying Girl, both the film and the book. Secondly the film the Martian, which would actually take me further away from the sun…. aah well. And lastly the two series that I have actually managed to make time for: Empire and How to Get Away with Murder. Both really good, and now that the weather is failing me, the adrenaline caused by these two series will at least keep me warm.

Nanouk – books & other stuff
So yes, the team is very much looking forward to October! This month, I, Nanouk, will be mostly spending time on my two studies and keeping up with some Young Adult Books Central stuff which I ofcourse will also feature on DBC. This will probably be 4 book reviews: The Jewel, The White Rose, Snow Like Ashes and Ice Like Fire. Plus some other random books! I’ll also do the preps for the Dutchember month: November will be full of Dutch stuff so be ready Dutchies! October will also be focussed on a more personal experience on Dutch Book Chick, as we will try to introduce ourselves more throughout the website 🙂 And also we just launched our FORUM which you should definitely take a look at. Summarized: October will be amazing!

What do you love most about October? Do you have any goals set for this month? Let us know! 


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