Rest In Peace Christopher Lee



Yesterday we got the sad news about the passing of Christopher Lee, also known as Saruman in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and off course the marvelous Hobbit movies. He was an amazing actor who didn’t let his age hold him back to continue acting. Sadly he wasn’t in very good health anymore before he past away and had even celebrated his birthday in the hospital. Christopher Lee reached the fenomenal age of 93 and leaves behind an impressive filmography with his roles in Star Wars, Dracula, LOTR and the Hobbit. He’s without a doubt a legend who lived a legendary live (I mean not everyone was in the SAS in World War 2).

All I can say now is Rest In Peace Christopher!


Michelle Versluis

Michelle is reviewer at the website, specialized in films. She studies Theatre-, Film- and TV-studies at Utrecht University and prefers to fangirl over Marvel look-a-likes during college/classes. Name a series or a film and she's seen it.

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