Summer Recommendations #1: The YABC Review Staff

Aaaah… Summer! Days of doing nothing, sitting in the sun, sipping orange juice… BUT WHAT SHOULD YOU READ? Find YOUR next summer read in the first edition of Dutch Book Chick’s “Summer Recommendations”, featuring this week: Young Adult Books Central.



As you guys probably know, I also write reviews for YABC. Due to final exams this month, I haven’t been really active on DBC or YABC, but my colleagues were, fortunately, busy with keeping you updated about the best summer reads! I decided to make this “Summer Recommendation” a thing, so there are going to be a couple more post about this:

  • Dutch Book Chick staff summer recommendations (books, movies and series)
  • Comparative Literature students summer recommendations (books: all time & summer read)
  • Reader’s  recommendations (by you! So please sent us a message on Twitter, Facebook, comment on the post or sent an e-mail to to feature your summer recommendation at our website!)

There will be at least four posts, all featuring amazing books (movies, series) that you should read (watch) this summer! If you click on the link below, you will find a list of the YABC Review Staff! We selected some pretty amazing books for you guys! There’s much more to come…

For now: enjoy the YABC summer recommendations!!

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