#10 reasons to buy books

Hi guys,

Happy Saturday! Today I’d like to talk to you about reasons to buy books. Us, booklovers, don’t really need a reason to buy a new book right? But if you are honest to yourself, you must admit that sometimes you feel guilt for buying yet ANOTHER book whilst most of your books are just standing on your shelves for show, waiting to be read. I think this post is about reasons to buy books that will make you feel slightly less guilty. Or, at least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself…

1. You will read the book – it might be over 2 years of next week, but why not buy it now? Maybe tomorrow morning you get the urge to read it. At least you already have it. It’s an investment in your future.


2. There’s an empty space on your shelves that needs to be filled. One more book will definitely solve that ‘problem’. Let’s buy a pretty book.  reading-icarly


3. Books are better than drugs. Books are better than alcohol. Your family and friends should be happy. Books are keeping you safe, happy and healthy. No need to change that.help-gif


4. You just gotta have it. I mean, you will just live on bread and water this week, but you really have to have this book. Everybody in bookland is talking about it. Don’t want to be left out, so yeah, completely rational to buy the book in question.22-signs-youre-addicted-books1


5. Everybody has already read the book, so you have to give it a try to. Next month. But whatever, at least you can say you own the book.



6. It’s pretty and your Instagram feed really needs more pretty books so you’ll get more likes and more followers and you’ll get famous and you’ll be rich. Buying that book will mean money flowing in… some day…. maybe [S].tumblr_inline_nxure9a0Kb1s6orlg_500

7. You haven’t bought a book in two weeks, you’re addicted and you’re in a book-buying rehab. But who said that you should stop cold turkey?



8. It’s vacation/the holidays. No need to give another reason. You can get a new book. Christmas is about family, friends and love. And the book is love. Books are family.



9. You deserve a new book: you’ve been so good this month. You lost some weight, got good grades or just have had some success in life in general. Go get yourself a new book. tumblr_lqk5krKkP71qlvf4lo1_500


10. You are actually interested in the book. You WANT to read it. NOW.tumblr_n2nocs78hX1tv2yuto1_500


Do these reasons sound familiar? What do you tell yourself when you buy a book that you actually shouldn’t/couldn’t afford because of money/shelf space?  Let us know!


3 reacties

  1. “I deserve a book” = Best. Reason. Ever.
    Want: toepasbaar op alle dingen, heuj! (ik heb de afwas gedaan, ik heb een lekke band, de chocolade was op, er zijn geen pepernoten in de winkels)

    • “ik had een slecht cijfer dus heb afleiding nodig” “ik ben klaar met tentamens”
      Zo herkenbaar toch?! 😉 (chocola = op :O Dat klinkt als het begin van een horrorverhaal!!)

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