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Hi guys,

Today I’d like to tell you all about my new Instagram obsession. I’ve always liked it, but I never intended to pursue a big Instagram account myself. Until recently: I’ve been trying to post prettier pictures, and to post more often. I’m still trying to find a format for my pictures, but I think I like pictures where you can see the book, my legs and a hand (or whatever) holding the book. This recent interest started with five very awesome Instagram accounts that I’m a big fan of. And I want to share my love for these accounts, they’re all bookstagram accounts, so you can follow them as well! #sharetheloveBooks

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1. Booksandteacups
My all time favorite bookstagram account is run by the 17 y/o Charlotte from my hometown in the Netherlands. Her pictures are pure perfection: clean, white and minimalist. She photographs (YA) books with mostly tea, pie, coffee and cookies. But flowers and clothes are also on the list. The pictures are the most amazing pictures I’ve ever seen. Besides that, she’s also just a very nice and talented person. All I can say is that her pictures are ‘goals’ so go check her out!

booksandteacups 1 booksandteacups 2 booksandteacups 3







2. Sammyreadsbooks
Sammyreadsbooks, or S A M M Y, is from Australia. She makes amazing pictures that are always white, yet a bit grim, and know how to capture the ‘essence’ of the book in the picture. Every pictures make me want to re-do my bedroom and make pictures of pretty book covers. Every pictures had a certain theme yet all of the pictures fit in over all perfectly.

Sammyreadsbooks 3 Sammyreadsbooks 2 Sammyreadsbooks 1







3. Thebookishgirl
Candy K. is a blogger, reader and dreamer according to her Instagram bio. She’s almost reached 1K posts and her pictures make me incredibly happy. They have a vintage feel yet always show the most recent YA books that make me wanna go home, sit down with some tea and read a good book. The best thing is that her pictures are improving so much, a real rising star!

Thebookishgirl 1 Thebookishgirl 2 Thebookishgirl 3







4. Maielqady
Mai is 23 y/o and lives in Cairo. Her account is adorable, I love it! The basis for her pictures is always a simple white backdrop, like her bed or her desk, and she fills it up with all kinds of things. There are books, pictures, coffee mugs, notebooks, mirrors and more. Even though the pictures are taken in front of a white background, the pictures are still colorful, yet they’re not screaming. Lovely!

maielqady 1

maielqady 2

maielqady 3







5. Igreads
Besides these mostly amazing YA bookstagrams, I’m also a big fan of this classics account. The account is aiming to “bring together the book community” which is fabulous I think. Some of the pictures are really colorful, some of them are more vintage or old/brownish. The account has 86K followers and definitely worth looking at!

igreads 1 igreads 2 igreads 3







I you have more favorite bookstagram accounts, please let us know! Either send us a direct e-mail ( or comment down below! We want to share the instagram and booklove, and what better way than Instagam right?


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  1. Aww, this is so kind of you! Thank you so much, I just can’t stop smiling after reading this! I also really love your account and your photos. <3

  2. This is the sweetest thing ever! Thank you so much for featuring me on your account! Looking forward to seeing your posts on Instagram. <3

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