Congratz Alyson Noel: TWO movies!

I’ve first read one of Alyson’s books about three years ago, while in Berlin I fell in love with the cover of “Echo”, which turned out to be the second book in the “The Soul Seekers” series. Back in the Netherlands I ordered the first book, Fated, and later on, I also ordered the third book Mystic. Read all of them and then had to wait for the last book in the series, Horizon. I fell in love with them all and the best thing is, Alyson has written many more books.


But this post is not about my admiration for Alyson, although, in some way, you could actually quite well call it like that. Point of my post: Two of Alyson’s books are opted for a movie! First of all, in June, The Soul Seekers Series was opted to be a Spanish movie! All four books actually. That means I’ll probably have to follow a course Spanish the watch the movie, but if that’s what it takes… I’ll do it! And this week, it was announced that her stand alone “Saving Zoe” will be an English/international movie, the two main characters already casted!

This is great news and on behalf of the whole team I want to congratulate her, and also which her good luck with the books she’s currently writing.

We love you Alyson!

To read the whole story, check out Alyson’s own website!


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