Bookends: save your books!

This might sound a bit silly, but I’ve always had problems with ordering my books, putting them in place and make sure they look pretty. My mom bought me a BIG bookshelf, making me very happy. It also brought me to this: bookends are very useful and not stupid or old fashioned. To prove that to me, my mom bought me the cutest bookends ever. I will add them to this post later. Even though this post is not very interesting, or about books (indirectly maybe yes), I think you might enjoy it! I’ve found some AMAZING bookends on and I am going to share them with you guys!


The Dragon
71vt4bNMxRL._SL1500_These bookends are actually amazing! They are fierce, magical and mythical: perfect for every fantasy and/or dragon lover! I was very surprised by its price, because they are only 16 dollars! (For my European readers: that’s like 12 euro!)  Another good thing about these bookends: they look pretty solid!

The Sword (or should I say: Katana?)
41snvF+JSrLHoly crap, these are cool! I mean: it’s like they sliced your books (which, of course, isn’t true). But these are bad-ass! I guess Katniss would rather have a bow or something, but she’d love those! When you see these bookends, you wouldn’t say they’re stupid. They’re a little bit more expensive than The Dragon, but still affordable! They’re 20 dollars (again, that’s about 15 euros).

The Bicycle

61B-riJvZGL._SL1500_Yes, yes, I’m from the Netherlands. And yes, we do cycle A LOT here. In fact, there are more bicycles than inhabitants in the Netherlands, which is odd I think. Anyway, these vintage bicycle bookends are very adorable and they look amazing on every bookshelf! They are a bit pricey:  34 dollars (25 euros) but I believe they are totally worth it!

The White Metal Flowers

31ElFdGcKrLIf you feel like the first three bookends are a bit TOO much, you can also go for these beautiful, white metal bookends! I love the fact that even though they are modern, they manage too look vintage in a way. These bookends will look good on every (girl’s) bookshelf 🙂 They’re affordable, about 20 dollars (15 euros) and also available in the color black!

The Books

61WkVTgAmLL._SL1500_If you think you’ve seen it all, you still haven’t. I really had to laugh because of these books bookends (wow, tongue breaker). These bookends look just like very very very old real books (stolen from a 15th century library). I do imagine these bookends don’t really fit in with the shiny Young Adult books, but still: they look very smart-ish. And not to forget old-ish. They cost 32 dollars (23 euros).

The Lions

51Hiudey+PLI don’t know whether I like these bookends or not, for me they are too gold. But in a way they are very elegant and look solid too! These lions will surely protect your books from falling down! They are 33 dollars (24 euros) and will look magnificent on your bookshelf!

The Fender
416BNwUoS6LGod damn it, these bookends are really AWESOME! If you love guitars, you gotta love these bookends. They look like a sliced guitar (FENDER!!!) and will probably be the coolest thing in your room. I believe some people might ask you if you bought the books so you could put them between these bookends. Ha. Anyway, you gotta put down some money for the Fender bookends, they are 50 dollars (37 euros) but every Fender and book lover should have these.

The Ship

51Gby13Kw+LIs that captain Jack Sparrow I see sailing? Is it the Black Pearl? I don’t know, but what I do know is that these bookends will steal the show in your room. Nope, they’re not girly at all, but remember who plays Will Turner in the movies (drooling all over my laptop bc Orlando Bloom). Price; 37 dollars (27 euros).

The London Phone booth

81al3ZPEIgL._SL1500_“Hello, is this London calling?” I think some of you guys will hope to visit London some day, or already have, because I sure do hope to visit it once. Not only for everything it’s known for, but also because I just like the fact that I can speak their language. Anyways, I think these bookends are so cute! And vintage too! So… London… is calling? They’re 38 dollars (28 euros) but TOTALLY worth it!

The Bookend

81wpXInMIXL._SL1500_Funny, huh? These bookends by Present Time (cute cute cute stuff everywhere!) are called Bookends. But that’s because of its design: simple, but elegant. Most of the bookends I’ve shown you are very themed or a bit over the top. But these Present Time bookends are very cute and sweet and they fit in every room because they are just plain white 🙂 Like mines (still gotta add a picture, I know). They are pretty affordable: 22 dollars (16 euros).

I don’t know, but I hope these 10 bookends have inspired you to buy one (or two, of course). Let me know if you had, and also let me know if you know more cute, fun or amazing bookends I should add to this list!


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