Vampire Academy: The Premiere


Last Sunday I went to see Vampire Academy in Utrecht, because I won a ticket to go the the Dutch premiere. Officially, it will hit the cinemas Thursday 20 February, 2014. I hadn’t read the book when I went there, so I was really scared all the people who were there DID read the book. But luckily for me, they hadn’t.

The movie was funny, sexy and really exciting. It had so much humor, it contained surprising exciting elements and it only got serious for 10 minutes. I loved the fact that, while it was made by the directors of Mean Girls, it wasn’t just a chick movie. I found myself enjoying it more than I thought. But lets be honest: it just wasn’t the best movie ever made. It was fun, it was sexy, it was exciting and it contained some deeper thoughts, but it just wasn’t a movie I could take serious. 

Overall, the movie was OKAY. Really, if you don’t take it too seriously, it was actually GOOD. I even got more excited of reading the books, because the movie made it feel like just a normal high school with normal teens and everyday experiences. Except from the vampires and magic of course. Oh, yeah – besides from all the other fantasy elements – the look on vampires was really refreshing. To find out more about the movie, you can just click HERE.

After the movie was finished (2 hours later), I bought the book (movie tie in) and left the cinema, feeling satisfied. I came there with no expectations at all, and left very happy. I’m not sure whether the readers of the book will enjoy the movie too, because I haven’t read it yet. But if you have, please comment below! I’d loved to know!


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