TMI: City of Bones! The movie…

This might be a bit strange, cuz I’ve never reviewed ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’, but I’ve read the book and I’ll be reviewing the movie (shortly) in this post 🙂 I’ve seen the movie 5 hours ago, and it left me with mixed feelings.

You should really ONLY read this post if you’ve both READ the book and SEEN the movie, cuz in this post I will discuss the differences between the book and the movie. SO: SPOILER ALERT!

My plan was to reread City of Bones, CoB, just before the movie. But I wasn’t able to finish it again, so I just went to the movies when I was only halfway the first book. I read it before, but that was months ago.

The movie started off pretty good! It was all close to the book and the story was almost exactly as I imagined it to be. The actors, the scenery and the feeling. It was all amazing. Untill the part where Valentine came on screen, things were positive.

The moment that Valentine came for the cup, things went down hill pretty fast. It was so different from the book! Like: there were so many things put into the movie that weren’t in the (first) book, it went SOO fast. I forgot what really happened in the book and what not. I was totally confused and both my friends were too. I didn’t enjoy it at all.

I’m not gonna talk about this for too long cuz I’m really irritated. The first part of the movie was so good (Jace was utterly funny, Simon was super clumsy and Clary was really brave) but the last part was SO BAD (the story went to fast, things weren’t right, things from the second book were spilled) so I was leaving the cinema totally frustrated.

In short: read the book, love the book, go to the movie and hate the movie.

I really really hope they know what to do with the second book/movie. I wont tolerate a second disaster! No way!

Even tho I’m really frustrated by the last part of the movie, I enjoyed myself! The movie was funny and exciting! Some things were vague, but since I’ve read the book I could understand most of it 🙂

I promised to review “Fuse” but because some personal stuff, I wasn’t able to do that. And since I’m reading CoB at the moment, I’ll be reviewing that before I’ll be reviewing Fuse. Just wanted to clear that up!



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