Review: "The Vampire Diaries" – Season 7, Episode 3

85bbac3f-14e9-4b36-8c90-b80e6975ae09Name: The Vampire Diaries
Season: 7
Episode: 3,  “Age of Innocence”
Release date: October 22, 2015
Directed by: Michael Allowitz
Written by: Melinda Hsu Taylor & Holly Brix

As I explained last week, The Vampire Diaries got a little confusing. And with a little, I mean A LOT. The creators of the series decided to have two narratives parallel to each other: one in the “now” and one “two years from now”. Which means some scenes are from the future, some are from the now and some are from the past. I mean: chronology is so season 6. But, after two episodes, I feel like this episode wasn’t as vague as the others were. Or… not?

3070677775_1_11_GMcnTjvGBut here’s the thing I’d like to discuss: Damon and Stefan are scheming together while Elena is gone in a coffin nowhere to be found and Caroline is being tortured by the fake family of the Salvatore brother’s mother while Rick is lying to Bonnie about a stone (stupid stones) having visions about a lot of people being in a lot of pain… This can only mean one thing… TVD is back bitches! Sorry for the language but I think we got a good story going on. I love how people try to separate Damon and Stefan, only finding out nobody can ever possible do that. Not even there mother.

This episode consists of a lot of chit chat and flash backs which weren’t very exciting yet interesting all the same. We got to know more about Stefan’s past. HASN’T THE BOY BEEN TORTURED ENOUGH?! Apparently not. SPOILER ALERT. Please do not read any further if you’re not up to date with the series, it will ruin it. If you are, these are the two biggest shock moments I think:

1. Stefan’s first love wasn’t Catherine.
2. Stefan’s first love might have had a kid that was his (this we do not know!)


Right now I’m mostly freaking out about the second thing because, sure, Stefan can have his first love. Even when she’s a spy. And a witch. And now also a vampire. We’ve seen worse (read: Klaus). And in the end, we all learned to love him too. But this, TVD creators, is very cruel. Poor Caroline. Even poor Elena. But mostly: poor Stefan! Does he know about this kid? Or was it only a pregnancy and was the kid never born? OR… do we already know that person? GOD. I’m freaking out over this thing. I NEED TO KNOW. And also, Rick is acting stupid and Bonnie is about to do something that’s probably going to upset a 100 something witches.

Summarized: there is some acting in the end, as Damon, Bonnie and Alarick are trying to find something to get Elena back. But the best thing about this episode, which is also the worst thing about this episode, is the two shocking moments I told you about before.

Care to share? Let me know what you think about this mystery pregnancy of Stefan’s first love!



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