Review: "Scream Queens" – Episode 7 & 8

Name: Scream Queens
Season: 1
Episodes: 7 – “Beware of Young Girls” & 8 – “Mommie Dearest”
Release date: November 3 & 10, 2015
Directed by: Barbara Brown & Michael Uppendahl
Written by: Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuck & Ian Brennan

Good evening!

Time for a recap, it looks like the people on campus are losing their marbles because everyone wants to know who the killer is and it looks like that is all that matters.

I find how longer I watch the show, how more annoying it is becoming. Grace can’t handle the fact she doesn’t have a mother and Kappa is the only thing in her mind that will reveil who she was. What Dean Munsch said, about how she acts like she thinks she is an investigator and wants to solve the killings but meanwhile it is all about her, I find really true. And the police, what are they doing?! And if there really was an university where these killings took place it would have been shut down a long time ago by the FBI or something, it took 7 killings to really get there.

It was nice we saw some background info on Dean Munsch though, kind of painful that her husband cheated on her with a student. Really tough the student ended up in an asylum, but at least we know the Dean isn’t one of the Devils. We know Gigi and Boone (he’s back! The lost Jonas brother returns) are often in the red costume. But the way they talk to each other about it (on the Phone), it seems like there is a way bigger plan than we suspected.

It was nice Ariana returned for a little while, kind of funny Chanel takes a laxative every now and then. The whole Ouija-board thing fitted nicely in the show, as did the goat (really laughed about that one) in Chad’s room. Now Grace knows who her mother is, I am wondering if she is going to be so curious about the killers than before. The mother part I think is really vague, especially the way the father talked about it to Grace. And the way he looked in the mirror at the end, why does this show has to make everybody suspicous? I am really starting to get tired of that aspect, I get that it’s a mystery that must be solved, but making everybody creepy and weird just makes that the show loses some of her magic. Another aspect I think that makes the magic go away is the lack of other students! Where are Chad’s friends? What about other sororities? Kappa can’t be the only one on campus, Dean Munsch must have a board of some great businessmen above her right? These episodes weren’t bad, but I think the series can do better.

The show is starting to confuse me, let me know if you feel the same way!

(Comment if you laughed about the red cups in the last episode, just like me :p)

Frederique Teillers

Frederique is reviewer, specialized in series. Studying Media & Culture in Amsterdam, she knows everything about series and now and then reads an English classic. Frederique might me the youngest member of the team, but she knows how to speak her mind.

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