If I Stay: the movie

Today I got a day off from school, so I went to take my mom and sister to the movies. We went to see If I Stay: a movie that’s based on the bestselling book If I Stay by Gayle Forman. I’ve read the book only days ago and I was blown away by it! I can totally say the same thing about the movie, fortunately!

The movie was EXACTLY as the book, some details and scenes excluded. I was very curious whether they would use the same time structure that’s used in the book (her life story is told by flasbacks), but they did and it worked perfectly. I was afraid it would slow down the ‘actual’ story, the car crash, but it didn’t! I found myself laughing, crying and wondering all the time.

The actors were cast perfectly, I think. ChloĆ© did a great job on Mia, she’s pretty in a special way. All the other characters were great too! I think the movie stayed very close to the book, which is rare because they usually spice it up a bit too much.

I am in LOVE with her gramps: his speech made me cry sooooo hard. It was The Fault in Our Stars all over again. He did such a wonderful job, can’t tell that enough.

I would also like to compliment the person who did the music: it was mesmerizing! When the movie was over, I was like: now I can breathe again. But then the credits came and all of the sudden “Heal” by Tom Odell beamed through the movie theater. And again, I found myself with a gaping hole in my chest. That’s something only good stories (and music) can do.

Thumbs up, this movie is really worth watching! Even if you haven’t had a chance to read the book yet, it’s seriously a good movie!


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