Hiatus is comming to its end!

Can you smell that? The fall is approaching! I hear you thinking? Why the exclamation point? Fall means drowning in school work, or quite literally drowning in rain, having to put away your summer clothes and back to wrapping yourself up in layers and layers of clothing (though I must say I do like my sweaters). But don’t you realize the magical time that accompanies autumn? Yes my dear friends, the wait is over. Hiatus is coming to its end and finally our favourite tv-series will grace our screens again! The TV gods have blessed us with the much wanted distraction (or to be honest procrastination) from our work loads. So what do you have to look forward to? Don’t worry here are my favourite shows that are returning, or some new show that I’m excited for:

  1. ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ (august 23rd)
    The highly anticipated prequel to the enormously successful ‘The Walking Dead’. And you’re in luck: this show has already started! With two episodes already aired you just need a quick binge to catch up!
  1. ‘Awkward’ (august 31st)
    Who doesn’t love your weakly dosses of adorable awkwardness. I’m definitely up for all the teenage angst and drama that accompanies this 5th season of the hit show awkward.
  2. ‘Scream Queens’ (September 22nd)
    the new series featuring some really big names! We at Dutch Book Chick cannot wait to see it. Horror, screams and a lot of diva’s, what else does a girl need?
  3. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (September 24th)
    There have been some big changes since last season. Want to know what? No spoilers! You’ll just have to catch up on eleven seasons. I’m sure excited for its twelfth season!
  4. ‘Once Upon a Time’ (September 27th)
    this fifth season is bound to bring us some excited things! Which of our favourite fairy tale characters will be introduced this season?
  5. ‘Marvels’ Agents of Shield’ (September 29th)
    Aah I can’t wait! Have you seen THIS trailer yet? Need I say more?
  1. ‘The Flash’ (October 7th) / ‘Arrow’ (October 8th)
    I know I’m committing a serious sin putting these together but I promised myself I would only do ten…. But oh yeah our precious superheroes are returning to our screens! Time for all the feels and ship angst.
  2. ‘American Horror Story Hotel’ (October 7th)
    Who isn’t super thrilled to see Lady Gaga on their screens? Let the weirdness commence!5a9091206f6c26ad332e89314d312806
  1. ‘The Vampire Diaries’ + ‘The Originals’ (October 8th)
    The vampires are back! I can’t wait to get back in to the drama that these shows are known for. I’m just sitting here hoping that there wasn’t a budget for shirts this season 😉
  2. ‘Supergirl’ (October 26th)
    Time for more lady superheroes. We Dutch Book Chicks 😉 are all for some ladies kicking some serious ass while simultaneously saving the world. (See what Frederique had to say about the trailer.)

These are the series which we are anticipating most this fall. Let us know which ones you are looking forward to most! And also if we’ve missed one we should definitely check out. But for now happy watching and remember procrastinating is bad (who am I kidding? I’m the worst).


Esther is reviewer at the website, specialized in series. She's also Nanouk's roommate and thus studies History at Utrecht University. Esther at least watches 3 episodes of any given series per day and is obsessed with GoT and Teen Wolf.

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