"HeForShe" because WOW Emma Watson

Emma Watson has always been somebody to look up to. I did/do too. She’s elegant, smart and funny. She has a great mind and knows what she wants. Right now, she’s working on her HeForShe campaign, which stands for gender equality. Just a couple of months ago, Emma held a speech to the United Nations. Damn, I’d be nervous as hell. I know this post isn’t very book or movie related, but Emma Watson IS an actress and she did play in the Harry Potter movie and she does love reading. Plus, I’m a big fan. And this is about feminism, something I already wrote about a while ago (click here). So I want to dedicate this post to all the people who feel like they aren’t treated equally based on their gender. Here’s the speech. (I just came by the speech/video again yesterday and decided to show it to you guys).

Click HERE to go to the HeForShe campaign website.


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