Series Introduction #4: Daredevil

 Aired: 2015 – still running20935579

Network: Netflix
Netflix/Marvel Studios
Episodes: 26

Duration: 54 minutes
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
IMDb rating: 8.8/10
     My rating:  (4.5 / 5)



As a child Matt Murdock was blinded by a chemical spill in a freak accident. Instead of limiting him it gave him superhuman senses that enabled him to see the world in a unique and powerful way. Now he uses these powers to deliver justice, not only as a lawyer in his own law firm, but also as vigilante at night, stalking the streets of Hell’s Kitchen as Daredevil, the man without fear. (IMDb)

My Opinion

So… yeah… back to Marvel! I was really surprised by this show, I watched this as one of the first so I couldn’t talk to anyone about it because no one was excited.. Kind of sad. So I stopped watching and got busy with other things, then everyone got excited. Everyone, and they have every reason to be. Matt is such an interesting character which really pulls you in to his story and makes you wonder about what his next move will be.

The scenery is dark and gloomy, which give a good impression of the general feeling you get when watching this show. The fight scenes are so good, and the story as well. The tension is high though, because what Matt does as a vigilante is such a secret, you really want to shout to Foggy and Karen that the masked man is a good guy. To give a general impression of season 1, he tries to tear down this organisation he only knows the actions of. Not the name, name of the leaders or anything else. Still he knows that Hell’s Kitchen is a mess and he can’t fix it properly with only the law. So he goes after the little guys and tries to find out who’s behind the demise of his neighborhood. When he finds him, it becomes a war which leads to the rise of Daredevil, the man without fear.

If you really want to go all the way, you can watch Jessica Jones on Netflix as well. The show will crossover and sets a few upcoming characters up for future Netflix shows like Luke Cage and Iron Fist. I was sceptical at first about Netflix and Marvel teaming up, but they have proven that they really can pull it off!

The only thing that bothers me is the dialogue. Sometimes it’s just so dramatic and slow, which leads to me losing attention. But when you get to the later episodes that is no longer a problem. I haven’t seen any episodes of season 2 yet but I’m really excited to begin! If you haven’t seen any of it, I’ve put a few trailers down below for you to watch. 🙂

This show really takes you to the dark world of the blind Matt Murdock, which is probably the most kick-ass superhero we’ve seen on the little screen so far. Let me know what your thoughts are on this red horned vigilante. 😀


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