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I thought it would be fun to share my experiences and thoughts with you, while I am reading a book. So whenever I have read a few pages or chapters of a book, I will update this page and share my feelings with you. (So this will probably mean: sigh, asdfghjkl, OH MY GOD, why this/why that? –> I would love comments but please don’t spoil by answering my questions.

Attention: This page WILL contain spoilers. I will post what book (and chapter) I have read, so you can decide by yourself whether to read it or not đŸ˜‰

Currently Reading:

This Savage Song (for the Bored to Death Book Club. I won’t be reviewing the book, but Ellen will! Review will be up at Friday October 6th, 8 PM CEST)

– Illuminae (taking a break from it until the christmas break, so I can also read Gemina right away. It’s weird but in a good way.)




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