Discussing The Last Star (SPOILERS!!!)



Hi guys,

So now you’ve all read the book and my review, let’s talk about the ending of the book. So please, leave, if you haven’t read The Last Star yet. Okay? Let’s go!


Okay. So now that’s out of my system, let’s discuss the ending of an epic book series. I think you all know where this is going… Cassie’s death. Cassie is dead. I’m not liking it, but I’m also not saying I don’t agree with it. Like… we all kind of knew this was going to happen. In the first two books (mostly the second book), there were a lot of clues that gave away the ending of the story. If somebody was going to end up dead, it would be her. I also kind of expected Evan to die as well, to save Cassie, but that, surprisingly, didn’t happen. I’d rather see them both alive, but we can’t wish for miracles can we? Not in YA dystopians at least.

So Cassie dies. But why does Ringer has to have a baby, named after Cassie?! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? I feel like Rick Yancey could’ve written a book about the period that passed between Cassie dying and Ben and Ringer living happily ever after (the epilogue). It was a bit too much to take in for me. But at least they were save. And Sam… oh dear Lord. If something would’ve happened to Sam (if you, you know… had died), it’d stopped reading. I would’ve thrown the book out of the window. But he survived. He’s changed a lot, tho. The little one’s been through a lot. From a 5-year old crying about his bear, to a 5-year old shooting  an adult lady in her guts. I was disturbed, at the least.

I do feel like the Others are gone, but the earth still isn’t ‘saved’ yet. People still don’t trust each other (which I totally understand), so that left me with a weird feeling in my stomach. But why complain? Most of the characters survived, right?

So that’s what I think. I’m very curious about your opinions! Please let me know!



  1. ringer got pregnant with razor’s baby aka Alex in the infinite sea. I’m very sad about Cassie’s death but honestly it made it a better book. They did hint her death in the infinite sea when Evan told her that it had to be her to stop the others and it was. I really really wish that Rick didn’t just send Evan off into the woods so quickly. Evan barely reacted to Cassie’s death which I disliked very much despite how much he loved her. So Rick Yancey did an amazing job on the series just I respectfully disagree with his idea to not describe any of Evans emotions on Cassie’s death.

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