Why NOW is the perfect time to reread Harry Potter

I guess it’s fair to say that 2020 hasn’t been peachy. 2020 was filled with a pandemic, terrorist attacks and a very strange (and still ongoing) election in America. And I think we all deserve a break right now from all the crazy. Here’s why NOW is the perfect time to reread Harry Potter!

Christmas is coming

We all now what to do when Christmas is around the corner: put on you PJ’s, get in front of the tv and bingewatch your way through all 8 (and possible even 10 if you include the Fantastic Beasts movies) Harry Potter movies. But why watch if you can also read? I recommend putting on some Harry Potter ambiance music, grab a cup of tea and read away!

We all need a break

Guys – it’s true. This year has sucked. And we all need and very much deserve a break from the crazy life we’re living right now. And what is a better way to relax that to reread the Harry Potter books and get sucked into the magical world of Hogwarts, wizards, owls and butterbeer. Right?

Childhood memories

Harry Potter will definitely bring us back to some sweet childhood memories, way back when we didn’t have adult resposibilities and didn’t have to worry about taxes and climate change. Rereading the HP series will surely take you to a better, younger place!


Chances are, you have plenty of free time in December. And why not spent your days off from school/studying/working on reading all of the Harry Potter book? No excuses: reading 7 HP books in December is very much doable! Enjoy 🙂

And the only question that remains is what boxset you’re going to read? Do you already have one at home? Or not?

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