Why it's okay to watch Netflix in the summer



Watching Netflix? While the summer is upon us? I understand. But if you need some extra convincing, read the best 5 reasons why it’s fine below!

Reason 1: Everyone is on holiday or working

Your best friend decided to work fulltime to pay for her driving lessons or school and your other friends are enjoying the sun in some hot country. You don’t feel like working and maybe you just came back from the sun. Why wouldn’t you relax? (Or chill, get it? :D)


Reason 2: You worked really hard for school or work

From September till June you worked your ass off. You slept only 6 hours a night and couldn’t find a peaceful moment to watch your favourite show. Seems like now it’s the right time to catch up, right?


Reason 3: Your ptumblr_o4v0bkLp8I1u20oq9o1_500arents or roommates are making you crazy 

Now that it’s summer time, your parents/roommates and you are home most of the time. Which means you are spending more time together because of almost no commitments. To maintain your healthy relationship I recommend a safe distance from time to time, a little space between your laptop and the others downstairs.


Reason 4: If you don’t watch the new or popular shows, you can’t hype about it when school/work starts again

You have no particular reason, but that one show everyone around you loves just didn’t make it to your list of must-sees. With all this free time, perfect time to catch up new conversation material right?


Reason 5: You don’t want to waste the paid Netflix subscription fee you worked so hard for

Those ten bucks you pay aren’t meant to be wasted just because the sun is shining outside, right? You know how many people can be fed if you spend the ten dollars on food? Seems a shame to waste.


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Summer is just a season, if you have the time why wouldn’t you watch your (new) favourite shows?! Enjoy your free time and stay tuned for more!


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