Veronica Roth at Best of YA Event 2015!

Dutchies! Today publishers Best of YA announced who’s the main guest at their 2015 Best of YA Event… it’s Veronica Roth! This mega star and super famous author is best known for her Divergent series, which all of you have probably already read. I did too. And most of you have seen the movies, too. The series is great and I’m super happy that’s she’s visiting the Netherlands! So Dutchies, get ready!


The event takes place at Friday December 4th, somewhere “in the south” of the Netherlands. At the time of writing this post, the exact location and the exact time weren’t revealed yet. All we know is that it’s going to be amazing and the tickets will go on sale next week!

Who’s coming?



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  1. IKR! It’s amaaaazing she’s coming! I caanot wait to meet her! I think the South might be Eindhoven? Or something… I don’t think it’ll be Zeeland… 😉

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