Valentine's Day movies

Sigh… it’s that day of the year again when people are with their heads in the clouds, cuddling with their beloved ones and pink and red heart shaped balloons fill the streets of the packed cities full of people searching for a spark of hope… a spark of love. Wow, wait, what? Unfortunately, not my day. I worked the whole day, and right now, I’m laying on my couch reading Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo – her third book will be released in Dutch tomorrow and I’m going to the release party!

Okay, back to the subject: Valentine’s Day! And wether you love it, or you hate it, watching a movie will make this day even better. Here are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day movies 🙂

download (1)Valentine’s Day
Do I need to say more? Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift… I’m in love, I think <3 This movie will be a blast for every girl – heartbroken or deeply madly in love. You WILL enjoy this movie and you WILL adore Taylor’s dance and you WILL drool all over you new top when Taylor walks around shirtless (guess what Taylor I meant where…).




download (2)Nothing Hill

Because nothing is better than Hugh Grant being all nerdy and fancy and geeky. And what about Julia Roberts? One of my fav actresses for sure! This movie is just lovely and you will enjoy it, in whatever mood you are, this will make you intensely happy 🙂






download (3)Love Actually
If this movie won’t make you feel warm inside, I don’t know. You must be a cold, cold person. Where is your heart? This movie is like… something you want to cuddle and drink hot chocolate and  makes you feel all Christmas-ish even though it’s February. Strange huh? Well, so is love.



And some other movies that will make you feel swoony:

– Twilight
– Titanic
– When Harry Met Sally
– 50 First Dates
– Ghost
– The Notebook (anything Nicholas Sparks will do)


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