Universal Hires Author Lauren Oliver to Adapt Her Own Book 'Panic'

Wow that’s some exciting news for Friday evening! Honestly, I haven’t read anything by Oliver yet, though I do own a book of hers.


But, what’s it all about right now, is her newest book Panic that has been picked up for movie rights by Universal, last year. It was a pretty tough bidding war, since, duh, all of Oliver’s books have been very successful.

Marc Platt and Adam Siegel are producing Panic. But Lauren Oliver herself will write the screen play. Maybe, finally, somebody will be able to create a REALLY good movie that’s based on a novel. (Of course, maybe Gillian Flynn and his Gonegirl was the first, but that’s not YA-ish, I believe).

Congrats Lauren Oliver! This motivates me even more to read your books!




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