Title Reveal: The fifth book in the Selection series is called…


Well…. we can’t hold it anymore! The sequel to The Heir, the last book in The Selection series will be called The Crown! And I soooo got it right in our last post about the title reveal! I think The Crown is totally fitting and I cannot wait to see what’s going to happen next. Will she be queen? What will happen? Who will live and who will die? Will our princes stop being a brat? Will she be sharing the crown? Gosh, feelings. Feelings everywhere.


Anyways, the book’s cover will be revealed soon-ish! AND.. we got a release date! 5.3.2016! It’s a long way to go but we first have Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s Eve. There’s a lot happening but still… I’m already counting down the days! Waiting for a book is the hardest thing EVER. Especially when it’s the last book in a series which means the story will be OVER. DONE. Gone forever. I’m not ready for that yet. BUT I JUST HAVE TO KNOW. I want to know what’s gonna happen! ARGH!


Let us know what you think about the title! We’d love to talk to you about it through our forum


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