Tips to become an author #1

I’ve experienced that a lot of young people want to become and author. I’ve met some amazing authors, like Kiera Cass, and during the Q&A, lots of people wanted to have tips on becoming a better author. I thought: good question, but don’t ask her. You’re here for her books. Not for your writing career.

But since you are reading my blog right now, this might be the perfect time to summarize some basic tips on how to become an author.















1. Be unique
Nobody wants to write the doppelganger of Twilight. It’s already been written, we’ve all read it and we’re all over it. Done. In the past. It’s okay to be inspired by those stories, but writing is all about using your own imagination.

2. A good concept
Having an idea is not all. It’s very important to have a good concept: write down the most important characters, scenes, places and objects. What does the main character look like? Where does she live? What is going to happen to her? All these questions are of utmost importance. Don’t think: I’ll remember. Because you won’t. Trust me. Create the backbone of your story and everything will be fine.

3. Don’t quit
You’ve written a few chapters, some things have happened but you feel like your story isn’t going to get anywhere soon-ish. THIS is the moment you have to keep going. Take a walk, watch a movie, read a book and get back on you laptop and write. If you stop, the story will definitely never be done. But if you keep writing, your chances are much much bigger.

4. Background check
Writing about Denmark in the 18th century? Make sure you’ve done your research! It would be extremely awkward if your main character watches some TV show in an era that doesn’t even had TV’s. Sounds pretty simple, but mistakes has been made MANY times. (P.s. Novels, or stories, don’t have to be TRUE. You can write about aliens, so why not about TV’s in 18th century Denmark? Think about what you want to achieve with your story and whether some things would add something to your story – or not).

5. Rewrite
Done with the story? Nope. You’re not. Read it again. Rewrite it. Read it again. And again. And again. You’ll probably have to do this about 10 times until your ready. And then, you’ll have to convince your friends to read it. Let them comment on the book. What do they like? What don’t they like? It’s your book, you get to decide what happens and what not, but they are the readers and in the end they have to buy, read and like the book. Think about that.

6. Read. A lot.
You’ve read two classics? Well done. Now read two more. And some science fiction. Oh, and don’t forget urban fantasy will ya? Reading is the most important thing in the development of an author. DON’T FORGET THIS. Reading will give you insights. I promise.

7. Have fun
Writing should be fun. I’ve you don’t like it anymore, just take a break. You’ll probably like it after a few minutes/hours/days and you can continue to do it. Whenever you like, of course. Your motivation is needed to get there, remember that! Find whatever motivates you to write, and that will do it for you.

So far, these are the tips. If you know more things that could help? Please comment down below. (P.s. this article is about WRITING not about PUBLISHING).


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