The Selection to be a… MOVIE!!

Oh my God! Give me a minute to breath before I explain to you why I’m having I tiny (BIG) heart attack… I was just casually scrolling through my Instagram feed when I noticed a very familiar cover… that of The Selection by Kiera Cass. Smiling, because I love the series, I hit the ‘love’ button. And then it struck me. The post said that The Selection is to be a movie! A freaking movie! I just cannot put into words how happy and excited I am right now. I’ve been a fan since the very beginning and have even met Kiera Cass last year. We were talking about The Selection becoming a tv series, but Kiera Cass said they totally Fifty Shaded her story.

But, back to the facts… the book will be a movie! Warner Bros bought the rights to the movie. Katie Lovejoy will adapt it. Her works are amazing and I think she will do great on The Selection!

I hope more information will come out soon, I cannot wait to see the movie. First, of course, we can discuss the cast… do you guys have any favourites to play America, Maxon and Aspen?

I will keep you updated!


A very excited Nanouk


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