April 2019 book releases

Hi guys, it’s spring! Spring means better weather, butterflies and ice cream at the park! Spring also means lots and lots of hay fever, but lets just forget that for a moment, and focus on the positive. And by positive,… Lees verder

July Book Releases

Hi guys, After a very long two weeks of silence (I had this thing called handing in my thesis, gosh, that was something different…) but I’m now back on both YouTube and here. So without further ado, here are some… Lees verder

Best of YA event: Kiera Cass

Sunday November 2nd, Panama Club Amsterdam: after waiting for months it was finally time to meet Kiera Cass. Publishers, authors, readers, bloggers and other fans all came together in Amsterdam to meet the wonderful author and mom of two: Kiera… Lees verder

YA books dealing with teen struggles

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while: reading books that contain teen struggles. Are they any help when you’re going through any of the mentioned struggles or does is worsen your struggles? From experience, I’d say: both. I’ve… Lees verder