Young Adult Literatuur – wat is het en voor wie is het bedoeld?

Gisteravond was ik aanwezig bij de salon van de Boekmanstichting in de prachtige Schouwburg in Amsterdam. De avond stond in het teken van YA literatuur. De salon, met o.a. een discussie en interview, werd georganiseerd door de Boekmanstichting, Athenaeum Boekhandel en SSBA… Lees verder

Marathons: the perfect movies

Hello hello, how are your holidays? We hope you’re spending enough time in the sun, get a little bit more tanned, so you can watch some marathon-worthy movies! We have selected the most amazing, exciting and funny movies that are… Lees verder

Book irritations: everything we hate/love

Of course, we love books, we adore books, and if it were possible, we would all want to make a living out of reading. But unfortunately, there are some things that we hate about books; or reading in general. (But,… Lees verder

Valentine's Day movies

Sigh… it’s that day of the year again when people are with their heads in the clouds, cuddling with their beloved ones and pink and red heart shaped balloons fill the streets of the packed cities full of people searching… Lees verder