Review: As White As Snow (The Snow White Trilogy #2) by Salla Simukka

Author: Salla Simukka Genre: Young Adult/Drama/Action Publication: Tammi (Finnish), Clavis (Dutch) Release Date: August, 2013 (1st published in Finnish) Pages: 237 Spoilers: Not much, only on some particular scenes that don’t uncover anything too important. So this post is gonna be a bit… Lees verder

Salla Simukka, who is she?

Welcome to the first post of the Salla Simukka Week, called: Who is she? Because, honestly, who is she? To introduce her, I’m also gonna talk about WHY I’m having this Week. And that’s because in November last year (ha,… Lees verder

Christmas Holiday reads #1

It’s getting very very cold and dark outside, the Christmas tree is well decorated and you can’t stop listening to “All I Want for Christmas” and “Last Christmas”. Two joyful weeks of freedom, no school and no homework or studying.… Lees verder