Voorpremière Paper Towns

Jaaaaa! Het is officieel! Samen met De Leesfabriek en Pathé Amersfoort organiseer ik een Special Event, een voorpremière, van Paper Towns. Paper Towns is een boek van John Green, in Nederland uitgegeven door uitgeverij Lemniscaat, die verfilmd is en 30… Lees verder

Teaser Trailer "Paper Towns" + first movie stills

Today has been a very exciting day for every John Green fan in the world! First of all, the movie poster of Paper Towns was released this week. Secondly, the trailer of Paper Towns is released tomorrow. But what about… Lees verder

3 Anticipated movies that YOU read first!

Books that are made into movies? Nothing new! It’s a super populair phenomenon and I can’t say anything else but that I love it. I picked three of my favorites of 2015 🙂 1. Insurgent (Divergent #2) Kick-ass and brave,… Lees verder