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Hi guys, how are you all doing?

Once upon a time I promised I’d do more tags on my blog and Instagram, but that obviously never happened. I like the idea of tags, but I always forget to post them. But yesterday I came across this really easy and clean ‘My life in 20 questions‘ tag on my sister’s blog http://irisfleur.nl/my-life-20-questions-tag/ and I thought: WHY NOT? So I’m doing it! I’m actually doing a tag! Please feel free to copy the tag and do it yourself as well! Enjoy!

1. Favorite colour
This one is quite easy – it’s pink. Always was and always will be. I’m past my ‘I only wear pink’ period, I actually don’t even wear that much pink anymore, but whenever I can choose a colour, I always choose pink. Or black. Or white. Honestly, it depends on my mood.


2. Favorite number
I was born December 3rd so 3 is my favorite number. I even own a sweater with a big 3 on the front. If not 3, I’d take 13. 13 is a number that people usually avoid but I quite like it. It’s also Taylor Swift’s favorite number and it was also my number while I was playing field hockey. And it scares people. Really important.

3. Dream job?
Well, as easy as the first two questions were, this one is super hard to answer. I always wanted to be a fulltime super famous singer, but I know now that that’s a long shot. I love writing, so I’d also would love to be an author. Or a doctor, I wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember (and since I started watching Grey’s Anatomy and House). But right now my dream job would be one that would enable me to do whatever I’m interested in and right now that’s (young adult) books. So yep, my internship at HarperCollins Holland pretty much sums that up. I’d love to work for EpicReads tho.

4. Where do you see yourself living?
In a house. With a dishwasher and a washing machine. And maybe a dog. The house would be in the middle of the city. And it would be open. And it would have a library all for myself in it. Oh – it would have a roof where you’d be able to sit on. Utrecht. Amsterdam. Or New York but you know, that’s a LONG SHOT because it’s pretty expensive over there.

5. Favorite way to travel?
By train is what I do all the time. I’m not really into airplanes but if I really have to I would take an airplane for sure. I hope to get my drivers license in the (near) future and try out driving myself around. I also took a cab once in the middle of the night – loved that! It was really fancy and you can just sit down and the cabdriver will take you anywhere you’d like.

6. What do you like to do in your free time?
READING. Or buying books. Or reading about books. Writing about books. Taking pictures of books. Looking at my books. Thinking about books. Thinking about buying books. But I also love to sing, I love theater and I am a big fan of watching movies. I also like to have breakfast in the morning sun. Or play the piano or my guitar (need lessons soon!). I also used to play a lot of field hockey but since I’m studying and working all the time, there’s no way I can continue doing that.

7. Favorite clothing store
De Bijenkorf and not just because I work there. Also because they have everything (clothes, chocolate, shoes, pie, dinner, breakfast, lunch, accessoires, books and lots of other stuff). But mostly because people treat you really well, great service and also the brands they sell are amazing! It really inspires me.


8. What concert do you want to go to?
Miley Cyrus. For sure. I’d go to her, buy VIP tickets, sit outside her hotel and stalk her anyday. I also really really really want to see Demi Lovato live again, or Ed Sheeran, where I’ve been recently. I’m also in love with Imagine Dragons, I’d love to see them again in the future (seen them twice).

9. Favorite tea?
Wintertea (with spices like cinnamon, apple etc). Or green tea with cranberry.

10. Do you collect things?
Besides the 550 books I own? Nah – not really. Maybe Miley Cyrus CD’s or Harry Potter stuff but it’s not like I’m actively hunting down the internet.

11. I can’t sleep without…
…music! No seriously I love my music, but I’m an easy sleeper. I sleep anywhere at anytime. I don’t sleep a lot so when I am in bed, I usually fall asleep before the end of the first song I turned on. That’s within 3 minutes.

12. If you had 1 million euros for yourself, what would you do with it?
First of all, go to Paris and buy a Chanel bag. And Chloé clothes. I would donate some to KiKa because I’ve always been a supporter of them. I’d get myself a house with a library and buy whatever books I’d like. Get my drivers license, get a car. If there’s still money to spend after that, I’d go to New York and L.A..

13. Favorite make-up brand?
Depends on the question. Chanel is my fav but I usually cannot afford it. I love I heart make-up as well, but most of the time I wear Catrice. But lipstick is ALWAYS Chanel.

14. Favorite snack?
Mais waffels and hummus. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in summer. Popcorn. Anything chocolate. And donuts. I always said, when I was little, I would just marry a donut instead of a human being. But that was also during my ‘I-only-wear-pink’ period so I wasn’t really serious back then.

15.  Favorite season?
Season six of Gossip Girl.
Okay, now it’s time to get serieus. It’s spring. Also the season I hate the most because of my allergies. But I just love seeing nature coming back to life.

16. Sleep with the door open or closed?
Closed, I don’t like the fact that people can watch me sleep. Not that I would wake up if somebody would walk in, but you know, right? It’s just a weird feeling.

17. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging to share my thoughts about books, so it mostly started with post that included reviews of new books I bought. Later on I found out there was a whole community and I started to do it more often en more actively. And now here we are, with focus on books and also movies and tv shows. Loving it! Still do. To the bone. I’ll probably be a 80-year old grandma writing about books from my old rocking chair knitting my own socks.


18. Are you subscribed to any magazines?
Yes, the Dutch Glamour. Have been since I was about 13 y/o. I have it with me almost every day just in case I need to kill time and don’t feel like reading a book or whenever I need a dosis of fashion and lifestyle! I’m also subscribed to the magazines of Film and Literature at University. So that comes down to 3 subscriptions!

19. What did you do at midnight last night?
I think I was discussing new roommates with my roommate since I’m moving out and just posted the ad for my room on Facebook. At the same time I was cleaning up my room and was watching the last season of Gossip Girl. I was also eating chocolate. Busy me.

20. Favorite parfume?
Anything Chanel. Or Rose by Paul Smith.

I hope you guys liked this tag, feel free to try it out yourself an tag me in it and let me know down below so I can read it! Looking forward to it!

Thanks again and have a great weekend!



Nanouk Meijer

Nanouk is the founder and owner of the website. She runs the website, takes care of the lay-out, give-aways, social media, book reviews and events. She is 25 years old and graduated from 'Comparative Literature' at Utrecht University. She is Digital Product Manager at HarperCollins Holland and staff reviewer at YA Books Central. She breaths books.

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  1. Nice to get to know more about you! I would love to go to a concert of Miley as well, I really like her new single 🙂 Your internship at HarperCollins sounds like a dream’job’ for me.
    Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Thanks, I want to do these kind of things more often! Malibu is the best right?! 🙂 My internship is a dream come true, I love it so much! We’re looking for a new intern for next year? 😉
      Thanks, you too!

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