Shadowhunters Cast Reveal

As you all know the Mortal Instrument series is being made into a TV series (and if you didn’t: do you even internet?) and today was a big day for us Shadowhunters as the actor that will be playing Jace has been revealed! Dominic Sherwood is taking on this high profiled role as Jace the mysterious shadowhunter.

So do we know Dominic Sherwood? Yes, in fact we do. He portrayed Christian Ozera in Vampire Academy only last year. Even though that film was definitely a let down for me I have no complaints about Dominic. And not to forget Dominic features in Taylor Swift’s latest music video Style. And as a model he certainly fits Jace’s description as hot. I hope that Dominic is more welcomed than Jamie Campbell Bower in the Shadowhunter community as there was a lot of critique on casting Jamie as Jace for the film.

I personally think that Dominic is a fine choice for Jace and look forward to more casting reveals. I’m especially nervous about who’s going to take on Clary! So what do you think is Dominic Sherwood a worthy Jace?

Dominic Sherwood

Dominic Sherwood


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