Series introduction: “Orphan Black”

Orphan Black PosterAired: 2013 – still running
Network: Netflix [United States]
Production: Temple street productions
Seasons: 4
Duration: 44 minutes
Genre: Action, drama and sci-fi
IMDb rating: 8,4/10
On Netflix: Yes
My rating: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Orphan Black follows outsider, orphan and street-wise chameleon Sarah. After witnessing a woman’s suicide, Sarah assumes the stranger’s identity – who happens to look just like her. Expecting to solve all her problems by cleaning out the dead woman’s savings, Sarah is instead thrust headlong into a kaleidoscopic mystery as she realizes the dizzying truth – she and the dead woman are clones. As Sarah searches for answers, she discovers the chilling fact that there are more people like her out there – genetically identical individuals who were planted in unsuspecting birth parents and nurtured in completely different circumstances. With no idea who created the clones, she’ll need to discover the reason in a hurry as an assassin is killing them one by one.” [IMDB]

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor orphan black gifsMy opinion
Since the new season starts today, it seemed fitting that today’s series introduction is about Orphan Black! When I got Netflix, I asked a friend of mine what was a show that I absolutely had to watch. She suggested this one and from the moment that I started with the first episode, I was hooked. This meant a binge session of 3 seasons full of mystery, chaos, sadness and surprises, but it was so worth it. And now, at the brink of season 5, the final one, new mystery awaits and I can’t wait to watch it, even though I have to go through the torture of waiting a week every time I finish an episode. Again: worth it.

In the series, there are at the moment six ‘main’ clones, which are Sarah, Beth (who kills herself in the first few minutes of the series and who’s life Sarah takes over in the first season), Allison, Cosima, Helena and Rachel. Besides these six there are a few more that play smaller parts and only occur in a few episodes, such as Krystal and M.K. While taking all these names in, consider the fact that all these different personalities are played by oneSingle. Actress. I have so much respect (and envy) for the acting skills of Tatiana Maslany. Not only does she manage to act out entire scenes with only her in it, but when you watch the show, you simply forget that the clones are played by a single person. An actress that can do that, deserves all the glory she can get. Every clone is simply so different, not only by looks (hair, the way they do their make-up, clothes) but also their voices, accent and behavior. They may look similar, but that’s it. So yes, I admire Tatiana a lot.

Since I don’t want to bore you with a play by play of the storyline (which isn’t boring, but I just want you to experience as much of it without any spoilers in mind. It’s more fun that way!) I’ll just say that I highly recommend you watch this TV show. You might be a little discouraged by the word ‘clones’ since it sounds like pure science fiction and ‘not your genre’, but trust me: it is way more than that. They don’t focus on the proces of cloning (at least not in detail). I mean, they explain in basic steps how they created the clones, but the main focus is the aftermath. The struggles they experience, the enemies that are created Afbeeldingsresultaat voor orphan black gifsand the experiments that are still going on and need to be dealt with. If you’re still sceptic, three things can be the case: either I am really bad at making you enthousiastic about something, you don’t believe me (in case 1 & 2 I’d say watch it anyway and be amazed), or you simply still don’t think it’s your thing, in which case I’d say give it a chance and if you still don’t like it, then at least you tried. Have fun watching the new season, I know I will!

Judith Revenberg

Judith is a reviewer at this website, specialized in series. She studies International Communication and Media and has a talent of binging through four seasons of a TV show in less than three weeks. In her spare time she sports, writes fiction, watches movies/series or cooks for her roommates. Sarcasm and bad puns might be found in her articles, so read them at your own risk.

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