Series introduction: “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

A Series of Unfortunate Events PosterAired: 2017 – still running
Network: Netflix [United States]
Production: Sonnenfeld Company, Paramount Television
Seasons: 1
Duration: 50 minutes
Genre: Drama, Adventure, Mystery
IMDb rating: 8,2/10
On Netflix: Yes (obviously)
My rating: 4.5 Stars  (4,5 / 5)

After their parents and house are consumed in a blazing fire, Violet, Klause, and Sunny Baudelaire are sent to go live with their cruel and mysterious distant relative Count Olaf. What is meant to be a new beginning for the Baudelaire children turns out to be a beginning, but not the kind they wanted. Afbeeldingsresultaat voor a series of unfortunate events netflix gifTheir arrival at Count Olaf’s home sets off the first event in the ensuing Series of Unfortunate Events.” [IMDB]

My opinion
Give me a TV Show with Neil Patrick Harris and you got me hooked. I saw the trailer for this new Netflix original a while back and noticed a very familiar face, which turned out to be Barney Stinson himself! (How I met Your Mother). Obviously, I knew it wasn’t really Barney (I’m sorry Patrick, I have a hard time keeping you two separate) but it still got my attention and boy, was it worth it. Lemony Snicket’s; A series of unfortionate events is based on a book series written by Lemony Snicket, which first got published in 1999. In 2004 a movie was released and now, 13 years later, a new adaption of this story has come to Netflix!

The show itself is a bit odd, but personally I found it quite intriguing. It is told by Lemony Snicket himself (played by Patrick Warburton). He tells the tale of the Baudelaire children and the events that happen after the unfortunate death of their parents. He pops up every now en then during the episodes to shed some light on the situation or simply comment on the things that happen at that moment. The show also has a habit of explaining ‘difficult’ words, as if the viewer or the children might not understand them. However, the children are far from stupid. For instance, there is a baby named Sunny (Presley Smith) with whom the other children (Klaus and Violet, resp. Louis Hynes and Malina Weissman) can communicate as though she’s talking a normal language instead of just baby gibberish. A few other personality traits show that the children simply appear to be way smarter than almost every other character (mostly adults) in the series, which is quite strange considering the odds. How unlikely this might be, the events that occur are even more strange, but I leave it up to you to see it for yourself; giving away all the spoilers is no fun either!

As a final note I can simply say that this show is worth checking out. Even though Netflix sometimes completely flakes when it comes to adapting books to series (Shadow Hunters, I’m talking to you…), they did a really amazing job with this one, even though I’ve never read the books myself. It’s an unique show and honestly, I just love seeing Neil Patrick Harris acting in a series I watch (yeah I’ve said this already, but come on, it’s true). The only downfall is that there are only 8 episodes and knowing Netflix, it’ll probably take a year before a new season airs, but I can live with that (barely, but I’ll survive). Give it a try and if it’s not your kind of show, then that’s acceptable, but for those of you out there that like their series a little odd from time to time, then this is pure perfection.

Judith Revenberg

Judith is a reviewer at this website, specialized in series. She studies International Communication and Media and has a talent of binging through four seasons of a TV show in less than three weeks. In her spare time she sports, writes fiction, watches movies/series or cooks for her roommates. Sarcasm and bad puns might be found in her articles, so read them at your own risk.

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